The sugary nip in the atmosphere has been replaced by the sweltering heat. The chill has gone and torrid weather has taken its place. What remains of the weather is the warm feeling – to love, being loved, to be in love! The season of love perfects the mood.

Stupid cupid waits to strike us with its arrow of love while we wait to become prey to the innocent cherub’s naughty ploys.We wish to be the celebrators and the celebrated as the talks of Valentine’s day perforate in the environs. We time-travel, delusioned by a perfume called love, in our dreamy world, where we plan a dinner date or just a plain stroll alongside beach on the windy eve of V-day walking hand-in-hand with our beloved. The twinkle of the stars enlightens our hopes that perhaps this Valentine’s we’d bump into our soulmate. Casablanca, Titanic, 50 first dates, The Notebook or even Hitch, strengthens our expectations. Moving away from die-hard romantic movies, cinema serves romance on a platter that can be a tad to sweet, a tad too sour, a tad too spicy or a tad too bitter!

Bedtime stories

In this combination of hot and sour, we bump into RomComs, Rom-dramas, Rom-scifi, so on and so forth. Now that talks about RomCom have ensued, we cannot neglect the master of modern comedies, that are almost always ladled with a serving of romance, Adam Sandler. If 50 first dates is a must watch for a romantic movie buff, Bedtime stories shouldn’t be missed. For the intimacy with which the tale is woven, keeping in mind that the film is children fantasy film, one has to watch it! Though the title of the film is deceptive, the love element will hardly go unseen. You will giggle, you will cuddle, the film will make you laugh out loud and you shall also ponder over the climax!  If longing for a partner sounds way too boring then huddle together with family! Watch this lovable family entertainer.

Bridget Jones’ Dairy

Another one of the Romcoms, that is surprisingly romantic, Bridget Jones‘ Dairy. Sappy, it may be but for the women obsessed over cellulite, women who find it difficult to control their eating habits, women for whom finding love in life is a priority and women who often delve into self-help books when in need, should watch this film. It helps to overcome our anxiety, gives us hope, makes us fall in love, helps us to do away with our bad eating habits (well, not really…) and makes up for a splendid chick-flick evening. Soak your feet in hot water tub, relax on the couch and while you sip from your wine glass, feel the tension ease out, ‘coz Bridget Jones is one heck of a person who will make you fall in love with yourself!

Never Let Me Go

A Romance & sci-fi face-off, you will find in the film Never Let Me Go. Starring Andrew Garfield, the film sketches a love triangle amidst the sci-fi clamor. The characters easily mesh with our feelings and evoke whirlpool of emotions. We fight with the dilemma till the very interval, making sure such a thing may happen in near future. While science makes up for the backdrop of this film, what attracts the viewers is each character’s fight for survival and chase for love. The elements of love and survival bring us face-to-face with faith and hope. It is intimidating, intriguing and inimitable which touch bases with tender sentiments.

City of angels

A fantasy-romance that won’t make you weep but it will surely entice you with its concept – angels falling in love with humans. It defers from the usual romantic films as unlike Romeo-Juliet, the lovers don’t die in the end. It is one sacrifice that leads to a lifetime of consequences. Backed with strong performances and wonderful chemistry between the two stars – Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan- the film literally makes us fall for our guardian angel by casting a romantic spell which is quiet its own!

Just Friends

It may sound like a sitcom title or perhaps, name of a novel but it is indeed Just Friends we are talking about. A RomCom that starred Ryan Reynolds! While Ryan with his presence adds the oomph factor to the film, what the film does is, takes us back in time; to our childhood crush. The lead may have turned a womanizer but the strong feelings still holds for his crush. Just for a minute it makes us believe that may be, just may be, our crush will fall in love with us. The skip of our heartbeat resurrects the emotion and it is here that the film strikes a chord with the viewers. It is underrated but do not skip this one, this Valentine’s. Who knows you may turn out to be the lucky one, your crush may fall in love with you!


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