Bold, gritty and outrageous. If the trailer of Tamanchey is any indication, this is exactly how the film is going to be. 

A glimpse of the lead actors’ performances combined with the title track have made us impatient. But if there’s one thing we’re looking forward to the most, it’s the dialogues!

With its wicked banter and the actors’ amazing delivery, it’s safe to say that Tamanchey will be a quotable film. Do you want to speak like Babu and Munna too? In that case, here are 5 dialogues from the film that you can use in everyday life:

1. "Tu jaanta hai kis saanp ke bill mein haath daala hai tune!"

Is someone making your life a living hell? We’ve all been there. For such scenarios, Tamanchey provides the perfect threat. It’s vague enough to keep you out of any trouble, while also being eerie enough to get the job done!

2. "Hum apna rasta khud dhund lenge."

Ladies, this one’s for you! Isn’t it annoying to hear catcalls by "kind strangers" who are eager to drop you home or help you find the way? Just use Munna’s dialogue. This works best if you can incorporate Munna’s contempt and sarcasm in your tone!

3. "Lakho ka khel hai mera."

It’s easy to feel discouraged when someone talks down to you. But why feel low when you have Tamanchey? Just use Munna’s dialogue! "Lakho ka khel hai mera" implies that you have a bigger goal than they might realize. Special props if you can say it in an intimidating tone. This will keep them from asking questions!

4. Babu: Jo main kahungi meri har baat maanega?
Munna: Haan, haan! Tum haan toh bolo!
Babu: Matlab laundiya, bus pat jaaye kaise bhi.

This is another one that ladies can use. Don’t we all know that one creep who tries his luck with every woman around him? This "nice" guy generally sets out to prove his worth by saying "yes" to everything. In such cases, this is the perfect response!

5. "Ekdam zeher ho tum."

This is, without a doubt, our favorite dialogue from the Tamanchey trailer! Why? It says so much without actually saying anything. Is it a compliment? Is it a snarky remark? Nobody knows!

P.S.: This works best when you say it to someone you already have a love-hate relationship with!

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