One film to be celebrated by the Indian audience in 2015, it is director S. S. Rajamouli‘s Baahubali. Released in theaters on 10 July 2015, Baahubali: The Beginning earned the position of becoming one of the  highest grossing Indian movies of all time.  The film’s popularity has spread across the globe, so much so that the film will soon be released in China and Germany. Needless to say, the overwhelming response only increases the hype surrounding the sequel. It has been reported that the sequel – Baahubali: The Conclusion will release in April, 2017. Here are 5 things every Baahubali fan expects from the sequel of the film.

1. Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?
KBkill - BookmyShow
Unarguably the most asked question in recent times, fans are eagerly waiting to know the answer to this question. The Baahubali film ended with the loyal Kattappa killing King Baahubali, and before we could know why, the end credits rolled in. The answer to which will be revealed only in the sequel. Looks like we have top wait till 2017 to get the answer, which is nearly a year away.
2. The romantic track between Baahubali and Devasena
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Although we did get to see a large portion of the film on king Baahubali, we never got to know about his love life. We were introduced to a young Maharani Devaseva, and we caught only the glimpse of the beauty. It would be exciting to watch these two scorch the screen with their romantic sequence in the flashback. #TeamPrabhasAndAnushka! 
3. Baahubali’s face-off with Bhallala Deva/ Pallvalathevan
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Baahubali is truly a king with a magnanimous heart. So much so that he even gave Bhallala Deva the credit of defeating the Kalakeyas, But, little did he know about the evil schemes of his trusted family member. It would be quite a revelation when he learns about Bhallalla Deva’s true colours. Will they battle it out? Or will Baahubali forgive him? We’ll have to wait and watch.
4. Shivudu and Bhallala Deva’s epic confrontation
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Will Bhallala Deva finally know that Shivudu killed his son? Will Shivudu end the evil regime of Bhallala Deva and his army in the Kingdom of Mahishmati? The scenes which will answer this will surely be whistle-worthy.
5. New Twists and New Characters
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Baahubali 2 may bring us some fresh twists and give us bigger war sequences, which are sure to provide double the impact than the first film. Add to it the phenomenal sets and breathtaking VFX, and it’ll transport you to the lush landscapes and the huge kingdom of Mahishmati. Along with Sivagami’s (Kattapa‘s) striking performance, we may be introduced to some new characters as well.
Are you anticipating the release of this film? What are you expecting from Baahubali 2? Tell us in the comments section below.