Himesh Reshammiya is a man who has created his own kind of cult. Love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore the nasal twang that has set the standards high at the box office since his debut. While everyone is mad about the music, people miss seeing his evolution in all the other fields. And, my friends, he has excelled in every cap he has donned so far, be it a composer, a singer, actor, story writer, mentor, a reality show judge or a muscular hunk. He has successfully emerged coolly out of everything he tried and did.

Now, as the multitalented Himesh, celebrates his birthday today, let’s have a look at five things that are cool because of him.

It’s okay to be jack of all trades

Himesh Reshammiya - BookMyShow

From the second you were born, you were told by everyone that you should try being the master of something and not the jack of all trades. Here, Mr. Reshammiya told us to be ourselves. He did everything he wanted – acting, writing, body building, judging and much more. Though he is the master of his trade, he never hesitated in trying all the others and his never-give-up attitude is something we can actually take as a lesson.

It’s never too late

Himesh Reshammiya - BookMyShow

Even if we pass a quarter century in this world trying to figure out what we want, we end up not doing things that we could have done best. The usual excuse is "now it is too late to try". On the other hand, Mr. Reshammiya has been the example since 2007, that it’s never too late to try, anything. He was 34 years old when he got into the acting business. A few years later he tried body building quite successfully. Point to be noted.

The cap…

Himesh Reshammiya - BookMyShow

He wore his cap for the first time in his first mega hit as a playback singer. The song featured him singing and wearing the cap. Since then it became a style statement. He considered wearing the cap lucky. Not only did his fan following increase but also his style following increased massively as well. Wearing caps became as cool as his songs were. He has tried a lot of styles in his films but he never missed on wearing the cap even once.

…and the jacket

Himesh Reshammiya - BookMyShow

It was not just the cap. Before he went on to become all chiselled and fit, the composer-singer-actor-writer hid his little paunch with the help of really trendy jackets. And this, like every other style statement of his, became a trend. It is cool now to wear a jacket for every occasion, all because of him.

The nasal voice

Himesh Reshammiya - BookMyShow

He stunned the entire country with the success of his songs that he sung with his nostril vocals. Many singers came and went, but nobody tasted the success that he did. And successful means cool, right? He also tried singing normally, but we love him as he is.

It’s your birthday, Himesh, and we wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.