We haven’t met a single person who isn’t a Jackie Chan fan. How can one not be a Jackie Chan fan? He is absolutely flawless! His Kung Fu is amazing. He is effortlessly funny and great at acting. Also, he started a whole new genre – Kung Fu Comedy.

Jackie Chan is well-known for his stunts. He has done some brilliant stunts in the Police Story franchise and Armour Of God. In Who Am I, he managed to slide down a 21-storeyed building in Rotterdam- a stunt that nearly killed him. The Chinese actor also holds two Guinness World Records!
But you probably already know all this about Jackie Chan. So, here’s what you don’t know about the Kung Fu star. Before he became this big star, he did these five jobs.  
Construction worker
He attended Dickson College in Canberra in 1976, where he worked as a construction worker.
Bouncer at a nightclub
He always wanted to be a nightclub bouncer, and worked as one. But he changed his mind after a fight that left a man’s tooth embedded in his hand!  
Jackie Chan - BookMyShow 
An extra in films 
He was an extra in Bruce Lee’s Fists of Fury and Enter the Dragon.
Jackie Chan - BookMyShow 
Adult film actor 
He did an adult comedy film All in the Family in 1975. The film had absolutely no action sequences.
Jackie Chan - BookMyShow 
Singing star 
He has 20 albums to his credit, and is a great singer.

Now you are a true Jackie Chan fan. Go flaunt your knowledge… but share first!