5 things that prove why Dr. House is the King of sarcasm

 ”If nobody hates you, you’re doing something wrong”. – Dr.House

Dr. House might appear as an old, grumpy man who is unhappy with his life. But he’s more than that, he’s a smart doctor, who fascinates everyone with his knowledge and wits. His extreme power of foreseeing if his patients are lying, his dedication towards his profession and not to forget his unique skill of coming up with the best comebacks makes him who he is! Although, at times, we are aghast with his shockingly sarcastic remarks, there is still a certain charm and spark in him that make us fall in love with his character.
Let’s take a look at his best quotes, that prove he is the king of sarcasm.
And this proves his mettle in real life as well.
But he isn’t pretentious about it.
He just hates everybody, it’s not personal.
And if you’re still trying to get his attention, then be prepared to face this.

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