Buddy films have always charmed film buffs. They feature two or more popular actors, and weave a story around their lives and friendship. The South Indian film audience have been introduced to a new buddy film, and they are loving it. The film that holds this honour is Oopiri/Thozha. Directed by Vamshi Padipally, this film told the tale of a quadriplegic millionaire (Nagarjuna) and the bond he shares with his caretaker (Karthi). A remake of the French film The Intouchables, Oopiri has opened to phenomenal response at the U. S box office, and is going strong in India as well. We tell you what’s special about the film.

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1. One good friend can make your life better! The film revolved around the theme of friendship, and portrayed the positives of having a good friend. The climax sequence of the film is a testament to the pros of friendship. 
2. If a film has two heroes, the plot of the film often revolves around a love triangle or an action film. Here’s where Oopiri/Thozha stands out! The film brings together two contrasting characters and creates an instant bond between the two. Ever imagined an ex-convict and a millionaire could be friends? Well, this film is proof. The bromance factor added charm to the film.
3. The film is topped by excellent performances. Nagarjuna played the role of a wheelchair-bound person, with utmost conviction. He comes across as a strong, level-headed person and often shields his vulnerability. That’s the striking aspect about his character. Karthi’s role as the jobless youth who reforms into a responsible person, is not new, however, his spunk and charm work for the character. The performances by Tamannaah and Prakash Raj are also noteworthy. 
4. The film stresses on a very valid statement – Money can buy you everything in the world, except happiness. The key factors that bring you happiness always come from within a person. This leads to self-confidence and a realization of your self-worth. Vikram (Nagarjuna) and Seenu (Karthi) bring out the best in each other, and convey this concept of happiness without being preachy. 
5. It encourages you to go ahead and conquer your fears. Whether it is painting or paragliding! This will help you let go of your inhibitions and take up new challenges in life. Just like Vikram (Nagarjuna) who teaches Seenu (Karthi) to have confidence and propose to the woman he loves, or when Seenu urges Vikram to take the next big step in his life. After all, what’s life without taking risks?
Have you watched the movie yet? If not, we urge you to watch it right away!