Akshay Kumar is now synonymous with Khiladi, and rightly so. The actor has earned this title not just by being a part of movies like Khiladi, Sabse Bada Khiladi, and Khiladiyon Ki Khiladi but because he is a true daredevil. Today, Khiladi has become a state of mind for someone who is pretty badass, and let’s face it, Akki is the true MVP Khiladi.

Akshay Kumar is known to be someone who very often performs his own stunts, which happen to be very high-risk and dangerous. Let’s take a look at some epic ones:

Swimming With The Sharks

Akshay decided to do the shooting for the underwater sequence for his film Blue that involved him swimming with sharks. While the actor was in the midst of this shot, he banged his head on a shipwreck causing his skull to bleed. While the actor escaped unhurt, it takes courage to put yourself out there.

Jumping From A Helicopter

In Sabse Bada Khiladi, Kumar performed some next-level stunts. He jumped from a moving helicopter onto a moving car. His ability to perform several such dangerous stunts earned him the name ‘Indian Jackie Chan’.

We’re Not ‘Lion’ About This!

In his film, Singh Is Bliing, the actor shot with a real lion. In an interview, Akshay said, “I don’t want people to think it’s a green mat. Not at all. I shot with it, I sat with the lion and I was shit-scared! Actually, in the middle of a shot, the lion got angry and broke some glass. Because he saw his own reflection and thought it was another lion.”

Mid-Air Shenanegings!

In Khiladi 420, Akshay Kumar performed some ultra dangerous stunts. Here’s what Akshay had to say about one stunt in the film, “I had to catch this running plane and climb it. People are scared of sitting inside a plane, and like a stupid man I am standing on top of a plane. And then I’m supposed to jump from that plane, after it is a thousand feet up in the air, onto a hot air balloon. I did it in one shot.” Is that man even human? He did it in one take.

Like a true daredevil, Akshay pushes himself out of his comfort zone to live life on the edge. But, the actor is not only a true Khiladi when it comes to stunts but also when it comes to his roles and choice of films. The actor has been part of several unconventional films and social dramas like Pad Man and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. He’s not afraid to try new roles and take up new challenges. The actor’s latest film Laxmmi Bomb will have him take up the role of a transgender woman for some parts of the film.

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