Dharmendra, a legend of his own kind, landed in Mumbai way back in the year 1958 as a contestant of the first ever Filmfare Talent Hunt. His charm led him to Bollywood and what followed was a glorious run of more than half a century, which we know as Dharmendra's Bollywood career. He was the charisma king way before SRK came into being. Some still consider him to be the most handsome man to walk the path of showbiz in India.

He turns 81 today but he still likes to live his life like an 18 year old. The He-Man of Bollywood has always been the one girls swoon over but there were a few times that he made us laugh a little hard with his appearances and attires. Don't believe us? Have a look at five of the funniest looks he carried off like a pro:

The LBD in Dharam-Veer
Dharmendra - BookMyShow
To start with a bomb, in the movie Dharam-Veer, Dharam Paaji wore a few black dresses. Jitendra, who was sharing the screen with Paaji also wore a few flairs but nobody stood a chance before the birthday boy.

Extra Teeth in Ghazab
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In Ghazab, Dharmendra played a double role of Ajay and Vijay, with weird teeth as a differentiating factor between both. As fake as the teeth looked, Dharamji pulled it off with ease.

Monkey Cap in Chupke Chupke
Dharmendra - BookMyShow
In the cult movie Chupke Chupke, Dharam Paaji plays a Botany professor who also masquerades as a driver. He is seen in a monkey cap and talks in a nasal accent, which is way beyond his usual normal macho man scenes. The movie indeed is a laugh riot.

Something Shiny in Superman
Dharmendra - BookMyShow
If you are unaware then you must know that there was a Bollywood movie called Superman, which released in 1987. Dharam Paaji played the father of Superman (obviously) while Puneet Issar played Superman/Shekhar. In the movie he was seen in a scene saving a plane from crashing just by moving his hands in an uneven manner (not like some usual-flying-kind Superman thing). He also wore a shiny light blue thing, which is recommended for adaptation in the next Superman movie. DC, please note.

Baba in Yamla Pagla Deewana 2
Dharmendra - BookMyShow
Yamla Pagla Deewana, both editions, show Dharam Paaji in a different light altogether. His comic timing defies the wrinkle on his skins. He has adapted this Baba avatar in many movies but this one is the best and funniest till date.

He is the man of all seasons and will remain so. We wish you a very happy birthday, Sir.

Know of anything funnier that Dharam Paaji has pulled off? Let us know in the comments below.