Jason Bateman made his onscreen debut at the age of 11 with a Golden Grahams commercial. He continued to work in series like Silver Spoons and Knight Rider as a child actor. Earning the title Teen Idol wasn't enough for him and at the age of 18 he directed his first episode of The Hogan Family – a TV series he was also a part of. After a variety of stints with TV shows that didn't really do well, Jason was seen in Arrested Development as Michael Bluth. The series was critically acclaimed but failed to do well, although it made the actors overnight sensations. Arrested Development was known for its satirical take on first world problems and is full of iconic quips and one-liners that not only amuse you but make a lot of sense. Here are some Michael Bluth dialogs that can be used in real life.

Our single most complaint with hospitals

When we realized Santa wasn't real (nor the other fantastic fantasy creatures we were told about)
Michael - BookMyShow

When we regret entering after reading 'Do Not Enter'
Michael - BookMyShow

Sometimes when you hear too much information
Michael - BookMyShow
When you are trying to correct your family's awkward pronunciationsMichael - BookMyShow

We wish Jason Bateman a very happy birthday as we binge-watch Arrested Development. Hope you do the same.