For Bollywood, movies are loved more because of the characters and quirks than the other important aspects of the film. And the characters have earned because of their larger-than-life portrayal. They can be strong, funny or even stupid but they grow much bigger than the world they inhabit. These characters have been emulated, spoofed, critiqued but most of all, loved. While there are countless movies centered around one character, there are some with jodis that cannot be imagined otherwise. These jodis are not only romantic couples but they are two inseparable characters, who the world swears by. These jodis have changed the perception of friendship, brotherhood and love. Let`s have a look at five of them:

Jai – Veeru
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They are Bollywood's most celebrated friends. They made friendship a true relationship that should be cherished for a lifetime. They also gave us the friendship anthem – "Ye dosti hum nahi todenge". One being a taciturn and the other hopelessly flirtatious, they both gave us a perfect definition of best friends.

Raj – Simran
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This iconic couple gave us love goals. In this entire world, if a guy named "Raj" meets a girl named "Simran", they automatically consider themselves soulmates. They can never be separated even in the imagination. Because of them, the yellow mustard fields are considered the most romantic place on earth. Even today, a relationship is not complete unless you are compared with Raj and Simran.

Munna Bhai – Circuit
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The most loved goons, Munna Bhai and Circuit, are not just partners in crime but also brothers in arms. There is nothing that Circuit won't do for Munna Bhai as Munna also loves him like a younger brother. They have made us laugh our lungs out and while simultaneously giving us many life lessons.

Karan – Arjun
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You just cannot imagine Rakhi calling only for Karan or only for Arjun, they can only be called together. And mind you, they will come back! Keeping apart their brotherly love that stayed intact for two lives, their togetherness is more celebrated because of their mother. Their relation made every parent (with two sons) name their sons Karan and Arjun. Though not their original names, two brothers of similar ages are lovingly referred to as Karan – Arjun, till date.

Amar – Prem
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Unlike simple relationships, Amar and Prem shared a rather complex one. They are the most famous forced-friends of Bollywood. They compete with each other, irritate one another, nag endlessly but still stick with each other. Maybe it is their silliness or the innate ability to do blunders that makes them inseparable from each other.

What if they are not real, but we do admire them! Agree, right?