Romance has been a staple of Bollywood ever since its inception and remains so till date. On the onset of Valentine’s, every year, we see a number of romantic films crowding cinema halls and our TV screens. Radio buzzes with romantic melodies; performances at different restaurants and clubs. Kishore, Rafi, Rajesh Khanna, Yash Chopra revived with vigor. The romantic spirit is set free.  The day’s celebrated as Bollywood’s Romance day!

While this remains a part of reel world, our real world comprises those guys who try "Bollywoodized" tricks to appease their girl. Albeit, some girls accidentally fall prey to it but there are those guys who keep trying every year. These majnus, found in every nukkad and galli of every city and state – Jimmy Moses look alikes and flamboyant-Govinda influenced majnus! And then comes the dreadful part, the dialogues that once sounded cool, soon sound cheap when heard from the unkempt “horse’s” mouth.
For instance while walking down the road you come across the Donkey from Shrek who goes like,
“Kya aap believe karte hai love at first sight mein … yah main dobaara ghoom ke aao?” (Cocktail)
Or while crossing the street you bump into Muttley, the dog who putters in mouth and asks you out,
“Phool hoon gulaab ka chameli ka mat samajhna … aashiq hoon aapka apni saheli ka mat samajhna” (Fanaa)
While you are still reeling from this shock and sipping a cup of coffee at a nearby café,  Cruella De Ville is heard convincing  her boyfriend,
“Green hai angoor, kele ka rang peela hai…Kehdo saari duniya se, Ram ki Cruella hai…” (Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela)
After a good laugh when you leave the café and walk down the deserted alley you hear the footsteps behind you. Turning, you see Whimpy beaming back at you. The hamdburger he held is swallowed in the blink of an eye and you stare back at the stout figure that now holds your hand. Smirking, he uses the most undesired pick-up lines on you,
“Lagda hai teri ragon mein khoon nahi … rabri daud di hai rabri” (Besharam)
Giving him your piece of mind, you tread down the alley and turn into your apartment. Dennis Mitchell who stays next door peeps out of the window throws a flower at you and stuns you into silence with his words.
“Yeh phool nahi mere dil ka lahu hai … aur Daddy yeh dushman nahi, tumhari hone waali bahu hai” (Ishq)

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