The comic world and its related universes are a vast expanse of arcing stories, with a plethora of characters, both heroes and villains. And for every comic fanboy out there, there is more than enough fodder have heated debates about. “Who’s hotterWonder Woman or Batgirl?”, “Batman can’t even fly, what kind of a sad superhero is he?”, we’ve heard it all before. However, after the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer dropped, there’s been a furore on the Internet over the kind of film it’ll be, how the DC Film Universe is going to fare in the future and whether Wonder Woman and Superman will kiss in the film. Here are a few arguments that will happen in the weeks leading up to the release of BvS. Read on!

Is there such a thing as too much Batman?

Now the DC Film Universe has had more misses than hits. Most of those hits have been the Superman movies, or the Batman films; most notably Christopher Nolan‘s ingenious trilogy with Christian Bale (who we still think was the best Batman). However, there’s been remarks by many concerned fans that the DCU relies too heavily on the Batman films. This begs the question – has Batman been oversaturated as a character in the DCU?

Will Aquaman be a useless hero?

When you ask anyone about Aquaman, you’re generally met with a string of chuckles and a comment close to the lines of “Oh yeah! That dude who can talk to fish?”. However, Aquaman is more than that. He wields a trident that can make Superman bleed, for crying out loud. And that brings us to our next argument – Will Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman be a valuable addition to the DC filmscape, or will he be typecast as “the dude who can talk to fish”?

Should DC combine their TV and film worlds?

DC has seen more success on the telly as compared to the box office. While some DC films have been successful, there are also the TV shows which deserve attention. Think about it, if there were only some way to integrate universes like those of Arrow and the Flash into cities like Gotham or Metropolis, that’d be great.


Are the DC movies too gritty?

If you’ve seen the BvS trailer, you’ll notice one thing stares you in the face throughout the trailer – the dark tone. DC, unlike Marvel, doesn’t really add a lot of humor and those witty zingers to their films. Therefore, a lot of fans have often commented on the films and characters being too brooding. There has also been a lot of talk about Ben Affleck‘s Batman being angry and darker than any other version of the character, which supports this argument.

Bats vs. Supes: Who wins?

Now for the biggest bone of contention. Black versus blue. Night versus day. Fear versus hope. Gotham versus Metropolis. The two gods of the DC Universe, Batman and Superman have always had some bad blood between them, which is the basis of the upcoming film. The question is, who’d win? We’re going to go with the ending from Batman vs Superman: Public Enemies, and let Bats have his victory. He did punch Supes with kryptonite, which is a stroke of genius only Bruce Wayne could have thought of.