5 Villains Who Were Actually Good Guys

Most movies are centered around a hero, a heroine and the big, bad guy – the villain. We are quick to assume that the villain is the bad guy, who is responsible for all terrible acts in the movie. The heroine is kidnapped? It must be the villain who did it. The hero is framed for murder? Blame the villain. Think about it. These guys we hate so much, sometimes are just plain misunderstood, and we would do well to cut them some slack. Here are some bad guys from movies we all hated, but then they were right all along.

Amy Squirrel – Bad Teacher

When you watch Bad Teacher closely, you’ll notice that Amy is the teacher we all want. She’s bubbly, chirpy and sweet. We hated her because she kept trying to get in Cameron Diaz’s way, whose character was really a lazy, good-for-nothing sociopath. So think again maybe?

Arthur Brooks – Big Daddy

Big Daddy was one of the more enjoyable films Adam Sandler starred in. However, while we thought Sonny Koufax (Sandler) was the good guy who actually cared about the kid, he was really somebody who should have been kept away from children. Who feeds a kid a steady supply of ketchup? We still rooted for him though. Meanwhile, if you look at Arthur Brooks, he actually tried really hard to get the kid a nice home, with nice foster parents and a chance at getting a real meal.

Carl Anheuser – 2012

In 2012, Carl Anheuser wanted to make sure that a section of the American population got on special lifeboats to stay safe from the impending disaster of the world ending. However, he wanted to save only a section of the population, and let the rest die. We all hated him for this, but he really just wanted to make sure the human species is not extinct by the end of it all. Survival of the fittest is still a thing, right?

Ra’s al Ghul – Batman Begins

Ra’s saw Gotham City for what it was – a wreck of a city filled with the worst criminals. He wanted to burn the place down, and recreate an ideal world from the ashes. He really wanted the same thing as Batman – a new, safer Gotham. We’re sure they could have worked something out if only they knew how to.

Raoul Silva – Skyfall

When you think about Raoul Silva‘s story, you’ll see he’s right, and that M is, quite frankly, a shrew. Honestly, she left a guy to die in the field. It’s not exactly his fault that he survived. Obviously, he’s going to come back and try to destroy her.

There you go. The villains aren’t all that bad, are they? And sometimes, they make more sense than anybody else.