Some might know him as Mace Windu while others might identify him as Nick Fury. You might also remember his badassery as Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction. He is a man who has donned many hats and continues to surprise us with his diversity in the roles he chooses. He also is the only guy to have been eaten by a dinosaur and a shark (in a movie, of course). We should thank the speech therapist who suggested that Samuel Leroy Jackson should take up theatre to help with his stutter. A recovered drug addict, Samuel L Jackson first gained recognition for his role as a drug addict in the movie Jungle Fever. The jury at Cannes was so impressed with his performance, that they created a special award category Best Supporting Actor and gave it to him.

Samuel L. Jackson - BookMyShowAlthough his excellence performances continued, he didn't gain worldwide popularity until he was 46 and starred in Pulp Fiction. He has not definitely look back since then. With great stardom also comes great demands and Samuel did not shy away from getting his own way. For his role as Mace Windu, he insisted on carrying a purple lightsabre and George Lucas had no other choice but to agree. A keen golfer, he has also included a clause in his contract which allows him to go golfing when he is working on a movie. 

We might see him a variety of roles but he adds a bit of his own charm to the roles that only makes them more memorable. Although he had a problem with stuttering, he has definitely come over that when we see him lending his voice to some animated movies and books too. Here are some voice roles of this actor you should not miss.

The Incredibles
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Afro Samurai

We wish him a very happy birthday, as we sit down to watch some of his classics. You should do the same.