Cuss words have something about them. They are addictive and ready on the lips! Bollywood and swearing have a long standing relationship. However, now that the Censor Board has become strict and has banned a lot of these words, how will we enjoy a masala flick without the heavy dialogue ammunition these words give? Innovation of course! Something Bollywood has always been good at. So, gone will be the days when we used to hear simple gallis like Kutte and Kaminey. And gone will be the times when parents covered the ears of their children to shield them from profanity. In future, new innovative cuss words will take over Bollywood

We give you 5 ways in which Bollywood can include innovative gaalis! 😛 
1. Use it in a song. 
Because a song is an integral part of every desi film. It’s been done before in Delhi Belly. DK BOSE and Penchar are your precedent here. Get smart and astute with your lyrics!

2. Camouflage it!
Tusshar Kapoor did it in the Golmaal series. His gibberish was so good that his cuss words had the opposite effect and the audience had fits of laughter. 

3. Use a different language
Merde! Somehow when you use another language, it’s not as bad. Kareena Kapoor Khan yelling, ‘Tere tau ka poda…‘ in Ra.One, didn’t have the same effect as it would have, had she said it in Hindi.


4. Make it sound ‘cute’
"English mein kende booty-shooty, Punjabi vich Tooh! Shake that tooh, Sh.. shake that tooh". Now who would say ‘tooh’ actually means butt? The Censor Board definitely can’t object to anything sounding that cute!

5. Create new ones
Leg-humping crap rider. A#$$ nugget. Gaylord plonker. You get the drift right? Get creative and we are sure no ban will be able to stop Bollywood.