Bollywood is, and will always remain the most-reliable source of entertainment for all of us. The fact that we so eagerly look forward to every Friday so that we can dust off our hectic weekdays is enough to explain why we love our movies so much. But what if the savior turns out to be a torture and you are stuck in one of those pathetic movies that our beloved Bollywood churns out quite regularly these days? Isn’t that a scary proposition?

Worry not; here are five ways to have fun even while you are in middle of a terrible movie:
1. Your Group of Friends: Friends are the real life saviors. If the movie is putting you to sleep, start some mischief with your friends. Laugh out loud at the most-pathetic of jokes in the movie. Turn an emotional scene into a hilarious one with the help of your friends. Discuss the future course of a movie loudly so that everyone knows what to expect. Sing the songs in chorus full of emotions and make sure that you bring that romantic flare to it even in the darkness of the movie hall.
2. The Expensive Smartphone:  The outrageously expensive smartphone that you bought thanks to the EMI option provided by the company does a lot more than just sending WhatsApp messages and playing Candycrush. And whenever you find yourself marooned in the movie hall with nothing but a painful movie, try exploring your cell phone for its amazing and yet unknown features. We bet you will be stumped with the things and functions that your handset can perform, also you can brag about it to your friends. Certainly something more fun than watching two heroes love one girl (among other things). What’s more, plug in your headphones and watch a movie you’ve stored in your smartphone, like a Boss!  
3. The Peeping Tom: If the movie is bad, it is more likely that only the corner seats would be occupied by the deeply in love couples. And if you crane your neck just a bit, you will find some arguing, some fighting, and some clicking pictures with focus on mind, you and some, well, you know. Try understanding and anticipating their conversation with all the Janu, babu and baby included. I bet that will make you laugh more than a Rohit Shetty movie.
4. A Bucket of Popcorn: Nothing helps to digest a movie better than a tub of popcorn. Yes, that tub of popcorn that you buy after paying a fortune is nothing less than gold especially in the middle of a headache-inducing film. Lose yourself in that caramel or cheese taste and let your mind drift towards other important issues of your life. If even this doesn’t work, how about a popcorn fight for entertainment?
5.  For those 500 bucks: In today’s time, a wholesome movie experience is bound to make you poorer by 500 rupees primarily due to that weekend ticket price, and if it’s a Khan film, then even more. If not for anything, please try to enjoy and have fun in the movie even with a heavy heart for that money you just paid at the counter. Come out happy and smiling, at least you won’t feel cheated.
By Shreyas Shetty 

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