"I like army boots, I like peasant skirts – sometimes together! So I do know I have odd taste."Mayim Bialik

If the name of the person who said the above quote seems unfamiliar, think about Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler from the geek-friendly TV series The Big Bang Theory. Apart from Amy, Mayim has a lot of other reasons to take pride in her rising popularity. She made her debut at the young age of 12 with the movie Pumpkinhead in 1988. She also played the titular character in the TV series Blossom. Being a star at such a young did not deter her from her studies nor did she fall into the trappings that are usually associated with early stardom. She went on to receive her PhD and return to TV as Amy, which helped spread her popularity worldwide. Although Mayim is worlds apart from her reel counterpart Amy, there are some similarities between these two women.

Modest Clothing
Due to her Jewish upbringing, Mayim prefers to dress modestly off screen as well, even at Red Carpet events. Although she does not mix her plaids with her stripes like Amy, she was nominated for a stint on the makeover show What Not to Wear.

Mayim Bialik - BookMyShowNerd (kind of)
Like her character onscreen, she has also thawed towards extreme nerdy things like Dungeons and Dragons and other nerdy stuff. But unlike stereotypes, she also takes a keen interest in sports.

Jane of musical instruments
Like Amy, Mayim also plays the harp. Apart from the harp, her musical talents also include playing the trumpet and piano.

Mayim Bialik - BookMyShowHonesty is the best policy
She speaks her mind and Amy also inherits this trait. 

PhD in NeuroScience
Probably the only one on the show to have a PhD. She has received her PhD in Neuroscience like Amy from UCLA. Mayim was also accepted in the Ivy leagues like Yale and Harvard but she preferred to stay close to home.

We wish this muti-talented inspiring lady a very happy birthday and wish she continues to entertain us with her talents.