A lot has been said and written about fictional schools and worlds that should’ve existed. Whether it’s Hogwarts, Pandora or Middle Earth, it’s safe to say that we’ve all wanted to escape to a fictional land at least once!

But what about offices? After all, we do spend a majority of our time at our respective workplaces. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could spend a week at one of the workplaces we see in TV shows? Here are 5 TV show offices we wish we could work at:

99th Precinct – Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Fighting crime has never been this funny! Though we’ve seen numerous shows about hilarious cops, the 99th Precinct has an irresistible charm. Rosa’s deadpan humor, combined with Boyle’s attempts at being funny, make for a precinct that is funnier than ever!

30 Rock – 30 Rock

It’s always funny to laugh at stereotypes. Especially when they’re done intentionally. This is exactly what 30 Rock plays on, and it works so well. We would love to be a fly on the wall and watch the divas, the dim-witted actors and the over-enthusiastic pages do what they do best!

Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation Department – Parks and Recreation

This is the place we’d like to work when we are at our most productive. After all, it isn’t easy to keep up with Leslie Knope’s enthusiasm. But when we need a break, we know that we can always run to April and Ron!

Dunder Mifflin – The Office

Let’s face it, everyone knew The Office was going to be featured on this list. With its hilarious blend of delightfully weird characters, Dunder Mifflin would definitely be a great place to work!

TelAmeriCorp – Workaholics

TelAmeriCorp isn’t exactly a place where people get a lot of work done, and that’s exactly why we’d like to work there for a while! After all, who doesn’t want to get paid to simply hang out with the three hilarious lead characters?

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