Apna kaam banta, bhaad me jaaye janta!

The Hindi film industry has been taking us for granted for far too long now. Films that rake in the audience by passing off as massy entertainers say a lot more about us than the ones behind these 100-crore (and shamefully so) club entrants. We have all been fattened on the idea that entertainment means a hardly-there plot, a party song and over-the-top action sequences. Seriously, who even buys this stuff anymore? But then, how do these films still laugh their way to the bank? Here are five examples of extremely average films that made one thing clear – Apna kaam banta, bhaad mein jaaye janta!


Deepika Padukone is cute. SRK is old. Rohit Shetty just doesn’t understand the concept of a story. Cars are flying through the street, and a hundred goons are taken care of by the might of a common man. Way to go!




Where do I start? Crass humour – Check. Skimpily clad blonde babes – Check. Cheap dialogues – Check. No one batted an eyelid when Grand Masti raked in a hundred crores with lines like, “Balatkaar se yaad aaya, meri wife kahan hai?”




Seriously? A bunch of losers plan a heist. They represent India at one of the world’s biggest dance competitions and win. Wait, what?




Another dud by Bollywood’s most pompous director, Sajid Khan. A bunch of stars land in situations that don’t even induce a chuckle. Heavily inspired from Hollywood films, Housefull 2 denies any similarities. It sashayed into the hundred crore club. Just like that!




Sure, Salman Khan is the heartthrob of the nation. Two warring families, one lover boy who plays the perfect games and wins the families over. Add a dash of absolutely horrible songs and this clichéd dialogue – Life me teen cheezon ko kabhi underestimate mat karma – I, me, myself. But then why is our taste in cinema, underestimated?


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