The lives of stars are all glitz and glamour on screen. They play larger-than-life heroes, saving the damsels in distress. However, not all films require them to do so. Heroes transform themselves to play diverse on-screen characters. And sometimes these actors go to unbelievable lengths for their roles. Be it Vikram in Anniyan or Siddharth in Jil Jung Juk, actors these days don’t shy away from experimenting. Whether it is a massive makeover or a physical transformation, these actors do it effortlessly. If you thought only Hollywood stars undergo drastic transformations, then you haven’t heard about these popular Kollywood actors yet!

Kamal Haasan
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Kamal Haasan can rightly be conferred the title of The Master Of Disguises. Be it his role as an aged woman in Avvai Shanmugi or his role as a dwarf in Apoorva Sagodharargal, Kamal Haasan is an actor who completely transforms himself for a role. It has to be mentioned that the legendary actor played 10 roles in the film Dasavathaaram, one of which was the role of George W. Bush. 
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Tamil cinema’s brown-eyed boy may frequently don roles of a happy-go-lucky guy on screen, but it has to be remembered that the actor delivered a surprising performance in Naan Kadavul. He played the role of an Aghori- a Sadhu whose animal life energy was one of the driving points of the film. The actor grew a beard and dedicated three years exclusively for the film.
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Siddharth is Kollywood and Tollywood’s chocolate hero, as he always brings a sweet charm to the roles he plays. This charm was retained, even when he went for a complete makeover and decided to color his hair to electric blue. And he also managed to hide his look during the course of the film’s shoot. The actor’s blue hair looked perfect for his film Jil Jung Junk.
This list would be incomplete without Vikram. The actor has impressed the audience with his performance as the visually impaired person in Kasi and played three different roles in Anniyan. Now, he has added yet another feather to his cap. The actor showed immense dedication for his role in Shankar’s I. It required him to undergo drastic physical transformations. He gained weight to suit the role of a body builder, lost weight and went bald for the role of a person suffering from a disease. He even went on to say that he’d go to any extent to transform himself into a character in any film. Now, that’s commitment! 
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Suriya has been charming audiences with his versatility and good looks. The reason for this is he doesn’t shy away from experimenting. He was one of the first actors in the South film industry to start the trend of six-pack abs. The actor plays the role of a wheel-chair bound person in his film 24. 
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It was quite a surprise to see this established actor play a unique role in the film Kanchana. Sarathkumar played the role of a transgendered person, and pulled it off perfectly well. His performance won him many accolades. 
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