6 Awesome Christmas Videos! #5 Will Blow Your Mind!

Tra-la-la! Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to perk up! Enough with the mortifying and gloomy news about the crime and devastation happening around. Mankind needs to get its act together. So here’s to the festive season. Have yourself a chirpy Christmas with these 6 videos:
Let’s start with this moving video called ‘How Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?’ It’s about time we look at the real goal behind Christmas and simplify this festival.

Too preachy? This one will make you smile like a retard. Who doesn’t love these puny yellow fellows? Sing along with the minions!

If we had these adds popping up before watching videos on YouTube, no one would click the ‘skip’ button. Well done, Poo Pourri! That’s how you sell a product!

Learn to put aside your differences. That’s what Tesco and Sainsbury’s teach us in this clever and heartwarming parody:

In case you haven’t watched the original Sainsbury’s advert, here it is. FYI, real life events that took place a hundred years ago during World War 1 have inspired this!

If that wasn’t enough to instill any emotion in you, this final one will. Only if you have been living under a rock could you have missed this tearjerker video:

So, leave those grudges and harsh words aside. Put down those weapons. Embrace each other and unite in the name of humanity, just for a day! It all starts with home. Call that friend you’ve always been wanting to, but didn’t because you never had the time. Go hug someone you’ve let down in the last year. Smile at a complete stranger. It’s time to spread the magic around!

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