As the fans of mutant-kind are still mourning over Logan, there is another character who didn't want to miss the huge spotlight. We are talking about none other than Deadpool. A one-shot teaser of Deadpool was released alongside the release of Logan. While Logan touched us for its deep characterization, Deadpool, on the other hand, continued his well-renowned tactics. We missed Stan Lee in Logan and Deadpool was more than happy to fulfill the need by giving Stan Lee a cameo in the teaser. While Logan refrained from making too many references, Deadpool's teaser didn't leave a single opportunity to not make one (and they all weren't even X-men related). The sadness that fills our heart on saying goodbye to Wolverine can perhaps be only relieved by a teaser like this. If your mind was too preoccupied to catch the references, here are some of the best references in the Deadpool 2 teaser.


Releasing alongside Logan, there was bound to be at least one Wolverine reference. On the bright side, there are three. The theatre behind Deadpool, while he is running towards the phone booth, is showing Logan. Look carefully and you will see a poster in the alley where the incident happens. There is also one in the form of a dialogue when Wade remarks that the old man is not walking away from this one. Avid comic book fans will instantly know what's happening here.


If there was ever a series that was loved ages after it was prematurely canceled was Firefly. Let's just say that the number of people wishing that this series is rebooted comes close to a number of people who wanted Leonardo Di Caprio to win at the Oscars. You will see some Firefly posters as Deadpool is running slow-mo to rescue the old man. This can be another attempt to convince Fox to reboot the series or it can be a reference to Nathan Fillion who played the captain in the series and is in the running to play Cable in this one.


The poster was not the only allusion to Cable. On the door frame of the phone booth, you see a reference to Nathan Summers ("Nathan Summers is cumming soon."  – that's Deadpool for you), which is the alter-ego of Cable. Here's to hoping that they will be announcing the final casting soon.


The phone booth changing scene screams Superman from its every core. As Deadpool enters the booth that heart-pumping sound you hear is actually the theme song of the classic Superman movie. It is difficult to imagine how they got the rights to use it. But he is Deadpool.

Old Man and the Sea

As mentioned earlier not all of the references are related to X-Men and this is one of them. As the teaser ends, we see text rolling over. For people too lazy enough to read through it. That is actually the story of Old Man and the Sea as Wade/Deadpool would narrate it. It is definitely an interesting read.

Stan Lee

This is maybe the first time Stan Lee was acknowledged and it got the fans going gaga. The scene was cut from the theatre version, but the officially released version has included it. Instead of saying "Nice suit!", he was going to say, "Aren't you Ryan Gosling?" Honestly, Deadpool's response would have made more sense if that were used.

Apart from these, there is a host of The Office (British version), album names, mutant names, and even pop singer references. Found some interesting ones? Tell us in the comments below. If the teaser is anything to go by, this movie is surely going to be a treat. Watch the teaser below and stay tuned for more news and the review. Also, as Deadpool probably once said, share the article.