When we think about love stories, the instant images in our heads are those of balloons, hearts, chocolates, roses and so on. But, not all love stories are dominated by these popular culture ideas. There are those that bud and nurture around conflicts and struggles. No doubt, Bollywood, for the longest time, has portrayed romance and love in the most cliched way. However, time and again, certain filmmakers have tried to show what it means to love someone under trying circumstances. 

Check out these six Bollywood films set in disturbing backgrounds that made us look at love stories from a novel perspective.

Dil Se.. (1998)
dil seOne of the best Mani Ratnam creations, Dil Se was far ahead of its time. As it explored themes of nationalism, terrorism, rebellion and of course love, Dil Se lamented an incomplete love story between an AIR producer (Shah Rukh Khan) and a terrorist (Manisha Koirala).

Mission Kashmir (2000)
mission kashmir final-compressedThough the central aspect of this film was the insurgency issue in Kashmir, the movie also beautifully unfolds an innocent love story amidst the bloody background. Hrithik Roshan as Altaf and Preity Zinta as Sufiya totally shine in the film as the childhood lovers.

Bombay (1995)

bombay final1992? Babri Masjid? Bombay Riots? Communal politics? Does these words ring a bell? It’s in those troubling times that, Bombay, another masterpiece by Mani Ratnam, portrays the love between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl. To be in absolute love at a time when your life is at stake is what the film all about.

Omkara (2006)
omkara final-compressed
Inspired by Shakespearean tragedy ‘Othello’ that talks about almost all shades of human behaviour, Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara does an incredible job. A forbidden love story that wins against all odds finds itself weak when faced with questions of trust and fidelity all tangled within an intense political struggle. A brilliant weaving of stories culminates in a fatal ending.

Veer- Zaara (2004)
veer zara-compressedVeer Zara is a heart-breaking love story between an Indian Air force pilot (Shah Rukh Khan) and a Pakistani woman (Preity Zinta), separated for 22 long years. Love is not bound by time and space, as is evident in the film. Even India-Pakistan’s historic enmity doesn’t stop these lovers from uniting.

Know of any more films that show love stories set in such troubled times? Let us know in the comment below.