There is no denying the fact that the comic book business is soaring today because of the popularity of the superhero movies and it is paving way for other comic book characters to get a chance to be featured on the big screen. The increasing popularity of the two major comics’ giants has also managed to cloud over the existence of other comic publishers except for the people who have been comic book fans before Marvel and DC took the world by storm with grand plans for their respective universes. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery and if that is true these two competitors have known to flatter each other quite a few times. Here are a few instances of when that happened.


Superheroes - BookMyShowHe is easily one of the most popular Marvel characters and has been so before he got his own movie. His ultra-healing abilities along with those claws and a smart mouth made him one of the most admired characters of the comics. Sadly, he has been inspired from the DC character Timber Wolf, which released a decade before Wolverine’s debut in the comics. They both have the similar regenerating power and their origin is also eerily similar where they were experimented on to be the version that we see today. Timber Wolf belonged to the League of Superheroes and is not as popular as the Marvel version.


Superheroes - BookMyShowHawkeye released about 23 years after Oliver Queen’s (Green Arrow) debut in the comics. Although, if you have been following the TVs and Movies, you’d know the similarities end at their knowledge of bows and arrows. But, in the comics you can find a few more similarities like them being orphaned at a young age, their closeness to Black Widow and Black Canary respectively. Also, their sense of humor. Yes, we know the Arrow on TV is a less dark version of Bruce Wayne but, in the comics the Green Arrow is known for his quips and sense of humor.


Superheroes - BookMyShowAlthough it is not uncommon to have characters that were part-machine and part-human and it has always been a common habit for comic writers to bestow their characters with such abilities. It first began with Marvel in the year 1974 with the character Deathlok (who has also appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D). The DC-counterpart Cyborg wasn’t introduced until 1980 and he bore a resemblance to Deathlok when it came to the looks and also the struggle to retain their humanity.

Rocket Red

Superheroes - BookMyShow A man with a red metal suit and is a part of an elite team of superheroes that save humanity time and again. This line reminds you of Iron Man who marked his debut in the comics in the 1960s. The DC had to have a counterpart for their elite team of superheroes The Justice League and it took them only 23 years. Rocket Red’s similarities with Iron Man lie with the suit more than the actual character because their alter personalities Dimitri and Tony Stark could not be more different.

Power Princess (Zarda)

Superheroes - BookMyShowWonder Woman is one of DC’s most popular characters with the amount of movies that have been made on the character. Forty-one years after Wonder Woman’s release, Marvel released their own Power Princess called Zarda. The similarities don’t end here. They were both raised on isolated islands. They both are Greek Goddesses and have fought in the wars. They also fall in love with the first guy they meet out of their tribe.


Superheroes - BookMyShow If the names Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) don’t ring a bell, the below points should certainly help. They are both anti-heroes and mercenaries who have their healing abilities thanks to experimentation. Severe disfiguration makes them wear a mask all the time. They both have an affinity for guns, explosives and swords. The only difference would be the fact that Deadpool aces in the crazy factor by a lot (that can be because Marvel owns it) and is notorious and loved for his ability to break the fourth wall.
There are many more characters in the respective companies, which draw a parallel to each other. Which other similar characters come to your mind? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share.