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6 Epic Movie Moments That Didn’t Use CGI

The new age is all about comfort. We have our fair share of gadgets and their only purpose is to make our life more comfortable. The new age is also about entertainment, where there are countless people whose only goal in life is to be popular and entertain the masses worldwide. The movie industry since its inception about a century ago has always depended on technology to make their films more polished. All movies use some form of CGI to enhance the quality or to create spectacular effects or characters. It is very apparent in some movies that such enhancements have been used while in some it is very difficult to figure out the difference. 
The filmmakers are battling for recognition and the ones in love with the art they present to the world, are finding innovative ways not to use such effects unless absolutely necessary. Here are some moments, which we think were made using CGI but they were actually shot live.


Remember the scene which was shot in the fifth dimension, where Matthew McConaughey was seen drifting through the timeline with his daughter’s room as the central point? That scene was not CGI. Christopher Nolan had his team make a three-story set of mesh and laser lights and had Matthew suspended with the help of a rope.

Jurassic Park

Yes, definitely the dinosaurs don’t exist now. So, the ones we saw in the movies must be made by computers, right? Wrong. They were made by a combination of puppets and life-size body suits. The stunt-men had to undergo training to get the squat right for the raptors. All that effort paid off making the scene in the kitchen with Raptors the scariest scene in the franchise.

Lord of the Rings

A fantasy film maybe forgiven for their use of CGI. But it seems the makers of LOTR would never forgive themselves. They went to the extent of using children dressed as adults to get the size of the Hobbits right and the science of perception and distance was used to showcase the height.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, the film explores the possibility of people running through their dreams. The costume changes required surely would need CGI. The director, Michael Gondry who had prior theater experience used the set and added tunnels and screens to avoid using computers.


Remember the hallway scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt battling in a gravity-defying situation? Well, there was no computer used there too. An airplane hangar was used and two corridors were built one that could rotate horizontally and the other vertically. It took three weeks to film the scene and about a crew of 500 people were working on it. CGI might probably be Christopher Nolan’s arch nemesis.

Thor: The Dark World

Superhero movies and CGI go hand-in-hand and we can’t really blame them because that’s what makes it so super. The scene where they showed us the levitating truck was not computer generated. They actually used a crane to shoot the scene and that was a real truck.
CGI now doesn’t seem like a given with every movie. There are filmmakers who try very hard to give us the same effect by not relying on computers to do the job for them. These efforts are certainly not underappreciated and we would like to see more in future. Did you know these scenes were not created by CGI? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share.