Behind every excellent movie we see, among other things is an excellent script. Sometimes the actors get so immersed in their characters and the script, it leads them to act out of turn and those scenes many times are edited out of the final cut of a movie. It is very rare for such scenes to be included in movies and yet sometimes they add an extra factor to the movie. It makes a character more believable. 
When we see a movie, we don’t usually know of the scenes which weren’t a part of the script. It is only 
later, when we know about it and that in turn just makes the movie more perfect.
The Dark Knight
There is no denying that Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker was one of the finest. And the credit should go to Heath himself for investing so much into the character. There are a couple of scenes which weren’t a part of the script but the prominent one is the scene when Joker is trying to blow up the hospital. There was some delay in the explosives being set off but Heath stayed in the character and that scene is considered one of the best moments of the movie.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Towards the end, when Lucius Malfoy comes to Hogwarts with Dobby to see Dumbledore is back and to confirm he was not found guilty behind the events that transpired during the movie. Jason Isaacs who played Malfoy in
fact, wasn’t given any lines. The director just asked him to go with the flow. Daniel Radcliffe’s lines were also unscripted. You cannot deny it was one of the most epic scenes of the movie.

Fast and Furious 6
Tyrese Gibson’s forehead was the butt of a lot of jokes throughout the series. But the scene at the end, when they are all home and enjoying a barbecue. Dwayne Johnson enters for a final farewell. Tyrese then cracks a joke at him, which was a part of the script but Dwayne’s reply was not and you can see the shock on the cast’s face and Tyrese being lost for words to reply to that.

Die Hard
One of the most-loved action movies ever made is also known for the epic death of the villain played by Alan Rickman. The director to get the look of shock right, prematurely dropped him and that did not amuse the actor at all. But it did look very right on the screen.

The movie which seems a little out of the world for a Marvel movie was well loved by the audience and we know how they felt about Loki. The scene where Thor is being banished by Odin and Loki is ‘trying’ to jump to his defense is where Tom Hiddleston’s and Anthony Hopkin’s theater experience took over and that led to Odin growling at Loki and Loki’s stunned expression. The moment surely added to the portrayal of the anger and the wrath of Odin.

Fight Club
That famous scene where Ed Norton hits Brad Pitt in the ear was not the part of the script. Again the director’s need to get a genuine reaction, he advised Ed Norton who played the Narrator to hit Brad or Tyler Durden as we know him, in the ear instead of the shoulder that was the earlier plan. The whole scene after the punch was not scripted and also one of the most-liked scenes of the movie.
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