Our lives were vanilla before, then filmmakers made them better by introducing us to the world of VFX and CGI effects. This helped the directors experiment with their creativity and show us things that we have never imagined before. All this sounds thrilling but it can be extremely scary at the same time. Especially when directors plant the seed of doubt in our minds by introducing a simple idea and then messing with our heads by showing us how horrifying things could be if at all they don't go as expected. And with the background score accompanying the special effects, the fear factor just gets escalated. Probably why we are extremely terrified of simple things in life, which didn’t really scare us earlier. We have now seen the messed-up side and there is no way to un-see it!

If you have ever felt this, scroll down to know if you developed these fears by watching these movies.

Water Bodies – Jaws, Lake Placid
Swimming at the beach or going fishing will never be the same after watching these movies. Now, you will have to think twice before dipping your toe into the water. If the water is slightly murky, you can completely drop the idea of swimming in the water. You never know if that will be your last swim or your last fishing excursion.
Pets – Cujo
Getting mauled by your loving dog is the last thing you want to think about when he comes to greet you or to slobber all over your face. We can’t really say the same thing about cats- they are extremely unpredictable!

The Woods – The Blair Witch Project, The Evil Dead, Wrong Turn
Remember how fun it was to go camping in the woods, to be a part of the wilderness, and inhale all the fresh air. Well, all that is ruined now, thanks to evil witches, psychotic people, and creatures who want you dead, just because you wandered deep into the woods.
Flights – Final Destination
Don’t even get us started. Being able to fly at an altitude of 50,000 feet is absolutely wonderful, until the turbulence kicks in! How could you even try to sleep it off when the only thing that keeps playing at the back of your mind is that, “OMG! This plane is going to explode and we all are going to die in it!” If only you could foresee this.

Dolls & Toys – Chucky, Annabelle
Kids can be cranky and annoying at times. So, how do you calm them down? By giving them a toy? A cute companion – it may seem at first, until it starts moving and making noises in the middle of the night when no one is playing with it. That’s a sign. Dump the toy and move to a different country.
Children – The Omen, The Orphan, The Shining
Did we mention that kids could be annoying? Well, coming back to that. Movies have taught us that there is no such thing as an imaginary friend. If see your kid aimlessly staring at a wall or talking to the air and then you smell rotten meat, no need to check the diaper- call Ghostbusters or a priest, right now!