Babies are so cute! Whenever you see one, you just can't help but say "Awwww!". They are so adorable that they are given more food when they break glasses and crockery at a restaurant. They are the opposite of sleeping pills and are still loved the most. Babies turn their parents' life upside down. Parents happily oblige just to see the toothless smile.

Take any movie with a kid in it. They will choose the most adorable baby in the world and make you wish you could have one for yourself. Well, while all of you are dreaming of cute and chubby little kids, let's talk of another kind from the movies, the ones who could creep the heck out of you. Yes, there are kids in some movies that are scarier than ghosts and the list is not limited to The Grudge only. Here are seven such children who seem right out of your worst nightmare.

Regan, The Exorcist
Scary Kids - BookMyShow
When you see a cute little girl transforming into the Devil in front of your eyes, you will definitely have a good night sleep, yes.

Samara, The Ring
Scary Kids - BookMyShow
Watching an inky-haired girl coming out of the TV screen to kill you, you would definitely wanna give up watching on alone television time.

Mutant baby, It's Alive
Scary Kids - BookMyShow
This one will not only haunt your dreams but also successfully make many doctors cringe.

Blackout Children, Village of the Damned
Scary Kids - BookMyShow
These mysteriously conceived babies have freaky eyes, they will have you scared of a staring kid, forever.

Brahms, The Boy
Scary Kids - BookMyShow
As if dolls aren't enough scary, they show you a doll-boy who is possessed and comes alive. You will never buy a doll, ever.

Gage, Pet Sematary
Scary Kids - BookMyShow
Still too cute to be scary, right? Watch the movie.

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