Reading or watching stories about royalty in fictional worlds or our own is always interesting. They might not have that kind of power over us, but their actions are still minutely scrutinized and publicized. This kind of fascination gives birth to stories like A Song of Ice and Fire. Game of Thrones fans worldwide have bid adieu to the series for a year and however epic the finale was, the finale has left a big gaping hole that can only be filled by spewing out more theories we wish to be true. There is an alternative though – to explore the genre of monarchy-based TV series (yes, there are more). They might not impress you as much but they all are epic in their own right and have a steady fan following of their own.

The Tudors

The Tudors Monarchy - BookMyShowA historical fiction show based on the Tudor dynasty, focusing on the reign of Henry VIII of England. Henry VIII is best known for his numerous wives and his separation from the Church after the Pope refused his first annulment. This is a perfect example of creating stories surrounding actual historical incidents and making them all the more interesting.

The Royals

The Royals Monarchy - BookMyShowWhat happens when Gossip Girl meets the Royal family? Something that you might see in the series. Set on a fictional Royal family of England, this follows their adventures in the contemporary world where their every move is captured and spread like wildfire.


Kings Monarchy - BookMyShowLoosely based on the story of King David set in a fictional kingdom that culturally and technologically resembles the contemporary USA, this series promises to be a very entertaining ride through the life of the royals.


Reign Monarchy - BookMyShowA teenage princess’ story during the reign of the kings. Her marriage is pre-arranged and the story takes place after the said marriage. It explores her relationship with her handmaidens, her husband and the politics that you would expect from a period drama.


Merlin Monarchy - BookMyShowDragons. Excalibur. King Arthur. Merlin. Merlin is all this and more. Giving an alternate take on the novel Le Morte D'Arthur, it explores the adventures of a much younger Merlin acting as a guide to King Arthur. All the original characters have been given new roles along with a lot of magic.


Vikings Monarchy - BookMyShowThe horned-helmet tribe, known for their ruthlessness and desire to conquer, make for a very fascinating subject. The Vikings have managed to amass a fan following close to Game of Thrones. The story of a farmer’s rise to kingship is a journey surely worth your time.
If you have already caught up with them all, coming up with theories is what you can do with your time. For others, it is time to catch up with them all and share this list with your fellow Westeronians.