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6 Movie Crossovers We Would Love to See

For all the fans who just don't love one thing but an amalgamation of movies and universes, it is a treat for them to watch their favorite characters together on the screen. It would be so fun to if Batman and Iron Man came together to take down Loki or Joker. The collaborations may never happen but that doesn't stop us from imagining the what ifs. We have some fodder for such scenarios. We have come up with 10 movies, which really should think about some suggested crossovers in the very near future. Read on to find out more

Pacific Rim and Godzilla
Movie Crossovers - BookMyShowWe have seen the Jaegars battle the Kaijus very effectively. It is high time our cities are protected with something like that when the Godzilla returns to wreak havoc. We know the MUTOs were ineffective but Jaegars can once for all make sure that the monster remains in the sea.

James Bond and Jason Bourne
Movie Crossovers - BookMyShowThe similarity in the initials and their job is what these two iconic characters share. James Bond is known to change a lot of faces and we see only Matt Damon as Bourne. What if these two secret agents got together? They will be unbeatable; one with gadgets and the other with all the training skills. This one bromance would be a fun-watch on the screen.

Robocop and Terminator
Movie Crossovers - BookMyShowThere is nothing for the Terminator to do once he has saved Sarah Connor and her offspring. He can always wait some while and join Robocop in the future to fight crime. A humanoid-robot team-up is something we need.

Transformers and G.I. Joes
Movie Crossovers - BookMyShowOnce all the Decepticons are out of the way, maybe the Joes could use some help with defeating the Cobra and his allies. The Autobots bring with themselves with technology and who better than the Joes to protect it.

Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes
Movie Crossovers - BookMyShowWe have no doubt that Indiana Jones has a way with treasure hunts but it would be a lot quicker and a little safer if the elementary things were handled by Sherlock Holmes. And we know that some adventure in the wild is what Sherlock needs to loosen up a little.

Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious
Movie Crossovers - BookMyShowThe family has put behind its days of crime and now play important roles to stop it. The MI team could use some speed while planning their escape from their daring missions. The whole team-up will be a treat to watch.

Which movies would you love to see crossover? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to share.

– Article Images by Utsav Patel