6 Movies That Can Put 50 Shades of Grey To Shame

Romance, sexual tension, and explicit erotic scenes – 50 Shades of Grey was all about that. Now the second trailer is out, which looks extremely appealing and intriguing and has left the audience with suspense and anticipation.

Whenever there was a portrayal of a tragic, complicated and on-the-rocks relationship, romance came to the rescue. But sometimes love stories are dark, dirty, and erotic. 

Many directors have tried to bring out the best of these relationships, which are forbidden in the society. The audience loves unusual pairings such as a secretary falling for her boss, a student ending up with a professor, a patient falling for a doctor and so on. 

But there are movies that portray an honest and brutal reality of love, loss, and suffering.

Here is our list: 

Blue Is The Warmest Color

First love is always special, and Blue Is The Warmest Colors tells us about first love of a same-sex couple, Adele, and Emma. When Adele is looking for love in her life, she meets Emma who has blue hair, and then they start their journey of their desires as a woman and as an adult. It's a journey of Emma, who grows in time, discovers herself, and ultimately finds herself dealing with loss and love.



Eyes Wide Shut 

A doctor from the New York city, who is married to an art curator, draws himself in a mysterious and dangerous night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery when his wife confronts that she almost cheated on him once. This movie has a thriller tone to it and with direction on point, it is must watch.  

9½ Weeks

A woman gets into a unprejudiced affair with a man, which becomes an obsession. The movie is set in the backdrop of Manhattan. Elizabeth, a beautiful art dealer falls, for John, a wall street broker who changes her life in a shroud of mystery and scandal. A journey of love and obsession with passion.


This movie talks about sadomasochism with brave tread, with balance which neither makes it too offensive nor too funny. It is a story of a woman who is released from a mental hospital and lands a job to a demanding lawyer. That's when an employer-employee relationship turns into a sadomasochistic one. 


A New York city couple's marriage goes sour when the wife gets involved in an adulterous fling. An erotic thriller that displays body language of guilt, consequences of a fling. It is not a crime story but a marriage tragedy.




By Tabassum Ansari