Bollywood movies and celebrities along with being entertaining have managed to give us a lot of travel goals. The celebrities' social feeds are filled with places they travel to, and in the movies, they manage to cover the iconic locations of the country in which the story is set. Didn't we all want to go on that much-coveted Euro-tour when we saw DDLJ? And aren't we planning our bachelor parties in iconic locations after watching ZNMD? Yes, you get the drift. After we saw the trailer of Shivaay, we have definitely added mountaineering in the Himalayas and Bulgaria to our wish list for travel destinations. The picturesque locations have got us curious not only regarding the movie but also the place in itself. Eastern Europe has not featured in movies much with filmmakers sticking to old favorites like Switzerland, Italy and France. There are some filmmakers who have ventured into the Eastern countries acquainting us with the beauty there. If you are wondering which movies were shot there, we have compiled a list for you.

Fan – Croatia
Eastern Europe - BookMyShowThe movie was a lot of things but it was also one of those movies which is known for new locations. Like the Madame Tussaud's Wax Musuem in London and Dubrovnik city in Croatia. Not only does the city have historical significance but it also provided a very good backdrop for the major action scenes in the movie.

Dilwale and Shivaay – Bulgaria
Eastern Europe - BookMyShowShivaay is not the only movie to have been shot in Bulgaria. Ajay Devgn had recommended the location to his best bud Rohit Shetty when he was looking for locations for his movie Dilwale. We already got a glimpse of this amazing country in Dilwale and we can't wait to see more of it in Shivaay.

Corsica – Tamasha
Eastern Europe - BookMyShowThe island of Corsica near France is a must-go destination for avid trekkers and for people who love the sea. Tamasha explored this island to its fullest and made us wish for it, too.

Kick – Poland
Eastern Europe - BookMyShow
The Salman Khan-starrer gave us a Kick to add Poland to our bucket list. The climax scenes showed the best of the country and the Polish people appreciated that and gave a great response when the movie was released in their country.

Rockstar – Prague
Eastern Europe - BookMyShowWhen it comes to Imtiaz Ali, we can always expect picturesque locations which are also crucial to the storyline. We saw the city of Prague at its most colorful, and the scenes with the festivities made us want to visit this city at such a time.

Do you agree that Eastern Europe also has a lot to offer? Tell us about the countries on your bucket list in the comments below, and don't forget to share!