Filmmaking is an art and therefore needs meticulous study and analysis if you are a true film enthusiast. Today, with so many films schools across the globe, there has been a consensus among the professionals with respect to the movies that can be counted among the best works since the inception of this art. Some of them are groundbreaking with respect to the film techniques they used while others became great on the strength of their incredible storytelling or narrative.

Here are six such path breaking films that you will be made to watch no matter in which film school you enrol yourself into.

Citizen Kane
citizen-kane_below-text2050-compressedThis remains the most loved film of almost all film teachers. Be ready to watch it in the first years of your film schooling. Orson Welles' Citizen Kane was an innovation in itself with the kind of novel film techniques the director used. The movie took visual storytelling to a new level altogether.

Battleship Potemkin
battleship-compressedIf you have ever done even a little research on film studies, this movie is sure to catch your attention. This Soviet silent film divided into five parts (remember Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction?) narrates a Great Russian naval mutiny. Sergei Eisenstein, the director, revolutionised the art of editing in his much acclaimed Odessa Steps sequence in the film. His use of montage influenced many film that would be made later, with directors like George Lucas, Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese.

The Bicycle Thieves
bicycle-thieves-compressedItalian neorealism, a film movement to narrate stories about the hardships of the working class, often used amateur actors and shot films on real locations. Bicycle Thieves was a product of this movement and continues to be a classic even today. It beautifully projects the hardships of a father who loses his bicycle and in the end, out of despair, becomes a thief himself.

casablanca-2-compressedA romantic melodrama set in the background of conflicts between two political ideologies, Casablanca is magical. Everything about it, right from its script, its characters, to its dialogs will leave you mesmerised. A true masterpiece, Michael Curtiz was phenomenal in painting such a painful love triangle onscreen.

rashomon2-compressedWhile in a film school, you will definitely hear the name of Akira Kurosawa, one of the few non-Hollywood directors whose films have influenced cinema history to a great extent. The film gave storytelling a whole new outlook. So much so that it led to the coinage of the term ‘The Rashomon Effect’. This film shows one event being narrated by different characters in contradictory ways. Use of natural weather, contrasting shots, symbolic use of light and multiple shots edited to form one scene were a few elements of Akira’s technical mastery.

Un Chien Andalou
un-chien-compressedThe best representation of the blend between cinema and art, Un Chien Andalou was devoid of any plot. It gave rise to the surrealism movement in film evolution. This masterpiece was the work of filmmaker Luis Bunuel and painter Salvador Dali that attempted an alternate style of storytelling dominated by aspects of subconscious and abstract dream sequences.