Romantic-comedies come under the genre of movies that offer a high dose of emotional drama and comfort- the ones that have the audience curled up on the couch, completely engrossed in the film. And there is no denying that the audience that absolutely loves this genre of movies are – women. We don’t want to generalize, but it is safe to say that most ladies love chick flicks.

These movies serve as a temporary means of escapism into the world of fantasy, where women idealize their dream man. But there are several problems associated with these films. They send out messages about stereotypes, have unintelligent characters and give bad relationship advice. We bring you some of the worst messages these movies try to convey.
1. Damaging message: True love is instantaneous

Movies that propagate this: Titanic, Valentines day
The very concept of love at first sight is one subject that always baffles us. It’s perfectly normal to be attracted to somebody over the first time you lay your eyes on them. But it is certainly not normal when you constantly dream about that one person who you’ve just met and build an illusion in your head that you’re going to marry them, have kids with them and grow old with them. This is creepy because feelings like this fade away rather quickly.
2. Damaging message: If a guy treats you badly, it’s because he loves you.

Movies that propagate this: Twilight, 50 shades of Grey
Women have a delusion: if you hold on to the guy who treats her like dirt, he’ll eventually come to his senses, apologize for his mistake and turn into the most kindest soul. But you know what real men do? Real men don’t treat their women like a piece of waste. If he tries to rekindle his love with you, then trust us, he is deceiving you and his intentions are worthless. The very idea that if a woman settles with his horrific treatment long enough, she will be rewarded with a happily-ever-after, is one of the many lies chick flicks teach you.
3. Damaging message: One perfect person will complete your life.

Movies that propagate this: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Juno
Finding solace and validation in a man is one of the messages these movies convey. No matter how independent the woman is, she doesn’t actually feel important unless she meets her ‘dream man’. Sure, finding that perfect partner will make you feel loved, but this doesn’t mean it’ll change your life forever! Life goes on, and the presence of your loved one will definitely lessen the troubles in your life, but will not ‘complete’ it.
4. Damaging message: Cheating is completely okay.

Movies that propagate this: While You Were Sleeping, The Notebook
This one happens in most movies we know. You meet the ‘right guy’ and you suddenly ditch that one true love, who you’ve been in a long-term relationship with. We can’t judge the person for his decision, but this is immoral and dishonest. Shouldn’t the person she’s cheating on be kept in the know? In real life, cheating is not okay. Even if that person looks like Matt Bomer!
5. Damaging message: If it’s a no, stalk them and try harder.

Movies that propagate this: The Boy Next Door, Fatal Attraction
According to movies, if the girl says ‘no’, it means she’s giving you a challenge and is asking you to try harder! And this is undoubtedly the most incorrect piece of advice they convey. No matter if you’re a boy or a girl, if your crush says no they are not interested, it really means they’re not interested. The message is simple and clear.
6. Damaging message: All fights will end into a romantic relationship.

Movies that propagate this: Letters to Juliet, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
There is a consistent element in all romantic films: Boy meets girl – they turn into enemies – they constantly fight and mistreat each other – one sudden and random incident makes them fall head-over-heels in love with each other.
Umm… how did this happen? How does this make sense? We are uncertain that this will ever happen in real-life.
Chick flicks will make you laugh, cry and make you fall in love with the characters and this is perfectly fine! Just a word of advice, don’t take these movies too seriously.

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