We all love superheroes, don't we? They are awesome and to most of us, they are more than just "superheroes". And when we say that, we mean that apart from their everyday "saving the world" duties, we get a lot of life goals from them. From the way they live to the way they do things, we have so much to be take careful notes about. Their inspirational dialogues are something stays with us after watching their movies. 
Movie dialogues often speak to us and inspire us, no matter what the situation is. Now here is a slight twist. Have you ever thought of your favorite superhero dialogue being translated to Hindi? If not, then we have something that you might probably like. Reading their dialogues in Hindi can be a lot of fun.
Let's take a look at some such.



Iron manIronman



Green LanternGreen LanternWhich one of these dialogues do you think is best suited in Hindi?  Let us know in your comments below.