We have often seen Bollywood, setting its stories in the metros of India and popular cities around the globe. People from small towns often wish to be a part of a big city and experience all that it has to offer. When we talk about metro cities and all the fancy urban lifestyle, we tend to miss out or neglect the beauty of small towns in India. 
Many filmmakers in Bollywood hail from smaller towns and so the stories that they have to tell come from the years growing up far from the hustle bustle of the concrete jungles. We have seen a few movies in the past where small towns and their beauty and lifestyle have been showcased by filmmakers. In this way, the audience now gets to appreciate the beauty of these cities where even the city is treated like a character in the film. 
Here are a six films that were set in smaller cities of our vast country.


Udaan – Jamshedpur
Vikramaditya Motwane's story is one of a boy who has been expelled from his high school in Simla and moves back to Jamshedpur to be with his father. The film presents the Steel City and its beauty that the director presents to the audience. It also acts as an inspiration to the character as and when the story requires it.

Raanjhanaa – Banaras
The film starring Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor had Banaras ingrained entirely into the story. The religious divide, the culture and the color of the city was beautifully portrayed in the film. Banaras was more than just a city in the film but another character by itself. 

Lootera – Manikpur and Dalhousie
Lootera made us appreciate the beauty of Manikpur, a small town in West Bengal. The second half of the film showcased the snowy mountains of Dalhousie. Both locations were beautifully captured and Lootera saw some tremendous performances by Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha

Finding Fanny – Goa
Finding Fanny presented Goa to us like no other film had shown before. There were no rave parties in this one but lesser known outskirts of the state was shown. The road trip took us through the areas of Goa that were earlier not known by many.  

Kai Po Che – Ahmedabad
The story is set in Ahmedabad and follows the lives of three friends. Ahmedabad and its beauty was wonderfully captured in this film. 

Aaja Nachle – Shamli
Aaja Nachle marked Madhuri Dixit's Bollywood comeback. The story was set in a small town of Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. The local culture, togetherness of people and even the class difference was well highlighted in the film. Madhuri Dixit was praised for her performance in this film. 

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