While thrillers and horror flicks are quite popular with the audiences, good, blood-curdling thrillers are rare to come by and hence Anushka Sharma's Pari has us all excited. With all the bizarre things one notices in the trailer, we are starting to think that Pari may not be a fairy tale after all. Anushka Sharma is no novice when it comes to playing a supernatural being (remember Phillauri?). But the role looks a lot darker than her previous paranormal stint. There have been many leading ladies who have been downright creepy when they played a supernatural character and here are six of them who still send chills down our spine.

1. Shabana Azmi in Makdee
As kids, this witch was straight out of our nightmares as she transformed kids into animals and drank their blood. We bet you didn't go close to such houses in your area after this movie.

2. Adah Sharma in 1920
1920 is certainly one of the finest horror movies of the last decade. Adah Sharma with her creepy laugh was fodder for a lot of people's nightmares. With levitation powers and pillar climbing skills, you cannot deny she is one of the creepiest, quite literally at times.

3. Konkana Sen Sharma in Ek Thi Daayan
Konkona's performance 
invoked a constant feeling of the unknown and impending doom. The movie might not have impressed a lot of people but if you are looking for some hair-raising creepiness that will make you feel uneasy, this movie should be on your list.

4. Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhulaiya
Say what you will about Vidya Balan's character just having a split-personality disorder, if you have seen her performing Mere Dholna, you actually know what we are talking about.

5. Revathi in Raat
Yes, this is an old Ram Gopal Varma movie and if you haven't seen it yet you are missing what is considered one of the scariest Bollywood movies. Revathi's character who has a ghost living inside her ticks all the boxes that make a creepy character. You should watch the movie if you don't believe us.

6. Urmila Matondkar in Bhoot
One of the first movies which established Urmila Matondkar as the queen of horror movies. Urmila Matondkar's character Swati who goes on a murder spree is someone who you definitely don't want staying in your neighborhood.

Are you ready to watch Anushka Sharma as Pari this Friday? Read our review here and tell us how excited you are for the movie in the comments below.

– Featured image by Chavi Pande.