6 Times Kids Were More Badass Than You

Once you are done reading this article you would completely understand why you need to think twice before you mess with a child. We bring you a list of movies that will completely change your perception about kids. They no longer will be just cute or annoying, but will move to the next level of badassery. The only advantage you would have over them is perhaps your height. These kids can outsmart you, sometimes without much effort. These are completely ordinary kids, with some extraordinary skills. And if you closely notice our list, you would realize that most of these movies are from the 90s, in a way giving a shout out to all the 90s kids out there. Let the nostalgia take over you. So, scroll down to find out.

Raised as the perfect assassin, Hanna is sent on a mission by her father to beat some bad guys. Her stone cold expressions and her sharp combat moves make her creepy and an absolute badass. 

Hit-girl looks cute and is petite, but don’t you go by her appearance, she is a weapon of mass destruction.

Home Alone
Kevin McCallister showed us that an eight-year-old boy is gutsier than many adults. He, all by himself, managed to create a complete foolproof plan to take on two bandits. Now that’s something!

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
John Connor who is initially a brat, later turns out to be the leader of human resistance to fight cyborgs in order to avert judgment day. His bond with the Terminator was almost touching even.

Leon: The Professional
What happens when a 12-year-old who has lost everything teams-up with a professional assassin to fight for her loss? You see some explosive action.

Little Rascals
Yes, Alfalfa and Spanky define friendship goals and showed you how to be super cool without smartphones or internet.