6 Training Montages That Will Inspire You

We love watching movies where the underdog character transforms during the course of the movie and ultimately, after a few initial misses, manages to take down the big bad guy. One major aspect of this transformation is the training montage, where we see the character sweating it out and it is almost always accompanied by a soundtrack that pumps you up. Those mini-montages of the characters transforming into the heroes, who will beat the villain into pulp in the end, have been made using various techniques. Some have chosen to deal with the comic side of it while the others have decided to fill it with inspiration that will last you a lifetime. Here are some training montages that will surely inspire you.

Po’s training in Kung Fu Panda

Master Shifu using food to train Po might be "the one" way for all the foodies out there who want to exercise.

Mr. Incredible training in The Incredibles

It is always difficult to get back on track after you have let yourself go. This montage is for those who want to get back to their fit image.

Bruce Wayne training with Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins

This is what made Batman whatever he was. Take notes because you know you want to be like him.

Rocky training in Rocky

This training lasted him through seven movies. If that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will.

Luke training in The Empire Strikes Back

Another thing to cross off your bucket list – learn to master your emotions and be a Jedi.

Frank Dux training in Bloodsport

Similar to Karate Kid but instead of Karate, the martial art form is Kumite, which is deemed very dangerous. You know you always wanted to break bricks into two with your bare hands.
Doesn’t this inspire you to hit the gym and have some cool background score when you work out? It makes us feel the same. Tell us your favorite training montage in the comments below and don’t forget to share.