Long wishlists have been made for classic series to come back. We fell in love with those characters which made our childhood even more enjoyable. Those simple stories touched our hearts and we simply can't stop watching the re-runs of those TV series every time they come on TV. Netflix understands our wishes and has already brought back Full House and Gilmore Girls with the same actors and a story we have not seen before, filled with enough nostalgic factors which remind us of the original series. We have yet another wishlist we think Netflix should consider rebooting next. 

The West Wing
Netflix - BookMyShowHouse of Cards as a Netflix original surely impresses us with its storyline but we cannot have too much of series based in The White House. The  West Wing surely comes at the top of the list of series we would love to see rebooted.

The Charmings
Netflix - BookMyShowWe already have Once Upon A Time to tell us what would happen to the Charming family if they lived in the 21st Century but it has too many magical elements to suit our taste. The Charmings was cancelled way before its time and we are sure the audience of today would love it.

Freaks and Geeks
Netflix - BookMyShowWe would love to see these adorable Freaks and Geeks trying to battle University or even try to handle their first jobs. Some of the cast members have already made a mark in Hollywood and it would be cool to see them back on the small screen.

Malcolm in the Middle
Netflix - BookMyShowWe know all about dysfunctional families from this show and it would be cool to see all the kids all grown up and having families of their own. That would be a show with a whole lot of characters and chaos which would be thoroughly entertaining. Also, to see Bryan Cranston post Breaking Bad back as Hal would just be the cherry on top.

Pushing Daisies
Netflix - BookMyShowThe fantasy-comedy was known for its witty metaphorical dialogues and the lightness it offered with a subject like death. We would surely love to see these characters solving murders and trying to find love in spite of their unique abilities.

The Twilight Zone
Netflix - BookMyShowThe Twilight Zone intrigued us with the stories and we were very sad to see the last of it. Unless Netflix decides that it can give us more of it.

Which series should Netflix reboot? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.