The 1960s saw a number of breezy entertainers that captured the box office with their buoyant energy, carving out a special niche in people's memory. Not only did this decade deliver a flurry of cinematic masterpieces, but at the same time 1960s movies ensured that the mainstream films were well-made commercially successful films in the end. There was no divide between the “Mainstream” and “Parallel” cinema during this time. The movies of this time captivated everyone with their romantic fare and infectious medley of soothing melodies.

Let's look at five classic films from 1966 that proved why this era was indeed the “Golden Era” of Indian cinema.

1. Teesri Manzil: A murder mystery, Teesri Manzil, starring Shaami Kapoor Asha Parekh, Premnath, Prem Chopra, Helen and K. N. Singh is best known for its songs. It has some of the best filmed dance songs of the era, including ‘O Mere Sona Re Sona Re’, ‘O Haseena Zulfonwali Jaane Jahan’ and ‘Aaja Aaja Mein Hoon Pyar Tera’. Inspite of it being a murder mystery, the film can be watched innumerable times….and every time you watch it you enjoy it as much as you did the first time.

2. Phool aur Pathar : This was the film that helped establish Dharmendra as a leading star in the Hindi Film Industry; his shirtless scenes and a he-man image finally arrived with this flick. It also stars Meena Kumari, Shashikala and Madan Puri. This is a beautifully depicted and a touching story of a common criminal with a golden heart.

3. Mera Saaya: A collection some beautiful songs by composed by Madan Mohan, Mera Saaya is a film where music and story become one. The songs, “Tu Jahan Jahan Chalega, Mera Saaya Sath Hoga”, “Jhumka Gira Re Bareli Ke Bazaar Mei” and “Naino Mei Badra Chhaye” are evergreen and still feels like the breath of fresh air. The film boasts of Sadhana's career-best performance and a memorable score by Madan Mohan.

4. Love in Tokyo: The film was one of the box office hits of the year. Endearing and entertaining, Love in Tokyofeatured Asha Parekh and Joy Mukherjee in lead roles. The film was mostly shot in Tokyo, Japan.

5. Do Badan: One of the films of Romantic genre which stars Manoj Kumar as a romantic hero. This old film became a big hit at the box office. The songs of the film composed by Ravi were also a huge hit.