20 years ago, Steven Spielberg broke all technical records (visual and sound) when he brought dinosaurs back to life. Creatures that ruled the Earth for 135 million years. His Tyrannosaurus-Rex is still far move believable than the modern day monsters that parade as dinosaurs. Reason – he portrayed them as mere animals separated from humans by 65 million years of evolution, not monsters.

Here is why the 3D revamp of this classic creature feature should make you run to the theater:

1) Who can forget the glass of water as it vibrates, forming perfect concentric circles right before you hear the earth-shattering roar of the most enormous creatures that ever walked the Earth?

2) Spielberg had a crew that was full of passionate people that were at the top of their game. Including animatronics, animatics and robotics experts. However, they were soon about to be extinct because of a ground-breaking new technology that would blow the world away – CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). Yes, 20 years ago. It was the next big thing.

Here is the catch, even today, after all the motion-capture and jazz, what Spielberg’s crew created will still leave you with your jaw wide open.

Imagine the ‘jaw wide open’ effect in 3D. ‘Jaw-dropping’ much?

3) Let’s face it. This is Spielberg we are talking about. If nobody could better his work in 20 years. What are the chances of it happening now?

If an edge-of-the-seat adventure with nature’s most-beautiful and terrifying creatures chasing you in 3D in what you want? With Hollywood’s master storyteller putting it back on the big screen. Remember, Spielberg will not be behind-the-lens for Jurassic Park 4.

Hence, it’s masterpiece time. In 3D!

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