It’s high time Salman Khan‘s Eid release be marked as Bhailiday (Bhai + Holiday), because, either way, half of his fan base skips work to watch the first-day show (if not the first-day-first-show). And though we love his movies that are released every year, we honestly feel one film a year is not enough for us. Just three hours of Bhai footage out of 8760 (the number of hours in a year, in case you missed that) are way too less.

Anyway, because there’s just one Salman film (or two) a year, we do end up watching the same movie over and over again (my personal score: Bajrangi Bhaijaan53 times) even after we know every dialogue and scene by heart. Today, 25th July, Kick completes two years. Marking this bhaiversary, let’s have a look at a few moments from the film that give you a kick:

Salman’s Entry

If it is a Bhai movie, his entry has to be grand; Salman kind of grand. 

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Dance

Admit it or not, this was a surprise. You may think that she was another made-up-plastic-doll character in the movie but when Jumme Ki Raat happened, she killed it with her moves.

Nawazuddin Siddique’s Laugh

Undoubtedly, Nawazuddin delivered a notable performance as the villain in the movie. His laugh took the cake though.

The Bicycle Stunt

Proving the laws of physics wrong is the USP of a Bhai film. The cycle stunt from the film is one of the most daredevil stunts we remember from Kick. He also did a falling-from-a-building stunt all by himself. Watch that too.

The Real Kick

The reason for Devi Lal turning Devil was vague for the most part of the film, but when it was revealed, Bhai took all our hearts away. <3

Salman’s and Mithun Chakraborty’s Dance

When you watch it you’ll know the Bhai way of dancing. 

Officer Devi Lal Singh’s Entry

Why this one? Because mere baare me itna mat sochna, dil me aata hua, samajh me nahi…

The movie has a lot of epic dialogues, a few holographic scenes and other Salmanisms too. Is there a scene that gave you a kick too? Let us know in the comments below.