They are suave, glamorous and every fan’s dream. Their bodies are stuff of legends and their photos are on the covers of all the top magazines. 

And then they grow old. 

Some of them age gracefully. Others, not so much.

Time hasn’t been fair to some of our favorite Bollywood celebs. They clearly let themselves go after a point and went, “Ah screw it, not like I’m getting any younger.” Here are 7 such actors who simply didn’t age well:

1. Ram Kapoor

Remember the time when Ram Kapoor played a comforting uncle to the protagonist in Udaan? Those were the days, when he could act without letting his massive paunch block the camera from capturing his face. Suffice it to say, Ram Kapoor is hot property in TV shows now, where even the writers take potshots at his weight. Bade achhe lagte hai indeed.

2. Govinda

Govinda was never a “fit actor” per say. But boy, could he dance. But after delivering a slew of flop films that couldn’t be salvaged even with his dance moves, Govinda took a well-deserved break. Only to return fatter and lazier in films like Partner and Happy Ending. 
We sure do miss the old ChiChi and his awesome vitality!

3. Shakti Kapoor

The man who played Crime Master Gogo was not much of a charmer. But he was always the ideal chap to play roles akin to a rapist or an uncle or both of those combined. Then, he had to use make-up to look the part. Now, not so much.

4. Shammi Kapoor

He danced his way into the ladies’ hearts with his signature dance moves and palpable energy. But towards the latter half of his career, the legendary Shammi Kapoor was nothing like his former self. He had packed more than a few pounds, lost most of his gorgeous hair and looked constantly sullen. This is a trend we have observed in almost every other member of the Kapoor family. I wonder if Ranbir turns out like his grand-uncle somewhere down the line.

5. Helen

Today there is no shortage of lovely ladies who shake a leg on the silver screen. But Helen was doing it way before it was cool. The original Cabaret girl had men drooling and women writhing with jealousy. But then again, they didn’t have to be. Because soon enough, the Helen we remember was replaced by a woman who looked like she ate Helen! Ah well…

6. Jackie Shroff

You probably don’t know this, but Jackie Shroff was an underwear model at the start of his career. The mustachioed actor had the ladies swooning merely by furrowing his brows. But time and other substances have been unkind to Jaggu Dada. So much so, that today he resembles a drunk Gandalf. Well, at least he passed on his good looks to his son. Oh wait.

7. Bindu

If Helen was yesteryear’s first item dance queen, then Bindu was the first cinematic vamp. Even then, there were enough men who fancied her. Don’t believe me? Ask your dad. And while you’re at it, ask him what they think of today’s Bindu. Sit back and enjoy the dejection on his face. 

Yes, it is hard to carry the beauty and charm of your youth to your old age. And no, it’s not a crime to lose control either. All we ask of these celebs is to avoid the cameras at all costs. Because… Nightmares!

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