It is that time of the year again where pranks are appreciated and forgiven, when even your stern relatives and closest friends can take a joke. It's April Fool's Day! It is the perfect day to get away with almost anything only if you manage to shout 'April Fool' when things turn bad. A well-loved day by all those who are looking forward to proposing to their significant others, they can always hide under the cover of April Fool's Day if things get awkward. 
Bollywood has not escaped this day too with having a movie dedicated to the day (we are not kidding). Doesn't it sound interesting to think about what your favorite Bollywood characters might be upto on this day of the year? Think no more, we have gathered some characters and our views on what they might be celebrating this day.

Bhuvan – Lagaan
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Ideally, he is not the one who would like to play tricks on others. But the excitement of this day got to him too and he decided to announce to everyone in his village that it would be raining later in the day. Of course, the rain didn't make an appearance (it is April, after all). The villagers were indeed too naive to believe him in the first place. 

Mr. India – Mr. India
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Mr. India is a smart man and is well above these childish games. But his alter ego also lives in a house full of kids. We bet he couldn't resist tapping people on their shoulders. It was probably the day everyone believed in the existence of ghosts. Way to go, Mr. Invisible!

Gabbar – Sholay
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We know Gabbar likes to keep himself abreast of current affairs and local festivals. How else can you explain his curiosity regarding Holi or how many men were there? He definitely knows when the day of tricks lines up and is ready to play some tricks on his followers. He might not kill Kaalia (but the other two will still die). Although Kaalia might faint on the spot due to a heart attack.

Geet – Jab We Met
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If there is one character who would love a day like this is Geet. She would just pretend to run away from her home (because she loves running away) only to be found hiding in her home the whole time everybody was frantically searching for her. Then everyone will share huge glasses of lassi because it's April Fool's Day.

Baburao Ganpatrao Apte – Hera Pheri
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Baburao realized today was the day he could take his revenge on Star Fisheries and called them incessantly asking for Star Garage. It was this day, they got a taste of what he went through on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the error was promptly corrected in the next version of the Yellow Pages (why don't we see them anymore?).

Raj – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
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Unfortunately, Simran's habit of almost missing a train ride persists. On one such April morning, as Simran runs and makes her way to Raj's outstretched hand, he just pulls it away. She does climb onto the train using the other door. But that surely wasn't a fun trip.

Devdas – Devdas
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On repeated insistence of Paro, Devdas vows to give up drinking. Paro while happy doesn't realize that it's the first of April. As soon as she spies a drink in his hand, we know what his response will be.

How do you think your favorite character will be celebrating this day? Tell us in the comments below and we are very serious on the first of April when we say share this article.