Celebs tend to pick up one thing or another and it soon becomes a trend. Bomber jacketsyogathe Atkins diet – all these have been made popular by celebrities. In their endeavor to be healthy, celebs have also turned vegetarian. Not satisfied with their limited lifestyle, some celebs have taken it a notch further and have become vegan. For those who do not understand veganism, it is the practice of abstaining from consumption of animal products. Hence, you not only avoid the meat of animals but also refrain from dairy and eggs. This applies to wool, leather, and fur too, but some followers only maintain a vegan diet.

Many celebrities abroad are adopting veganism. Casey AffleckPamela AndersonJames CameronJared LetoMiley CyrusLiam HemsworthPeter Dinklage, and Venus Williams are among the few who are vegan. Even in India, celebs are turning towards veganism. Some of the reasons they decided to change their lifestyle will shock you! Take a look:


Sonam Kapoor

The Neerja actress claims to be an animal lover and turned vegetarian many years ago. While she has never known to be actively involved in the fight for animal rights, she decided to turn vegan in her commitment towards animals. Sonam still continues using leather products, but she has strict restrictions in her diet. She won’t even touch dahi!  

Sonam Kapoor - BookMyShow


Aamir Khan

Husband of famous vegan Kiran Rao, even Aamir decided to give up meat. He not only became a vegetarian, but also adopted veganism on his wife’s insistence. Their son, Azad, is still non-vegetarian, as the parents have not placed any restrictions on the diet of this growing child. But it’s safe to assume that the young boy might veer in the same direction as them and go green!

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao - BookMyShow


Jacqueline Fernandez

If you watched Koffee with Karan this season, you know that Jacqueline is an animal lover. She has had an array of pets while growing up, including cats, dogs, fish and monkeys. Her love for animals made her go vegan.  

Jacqueline Fernandez


Richa Chadda

Celebs generally start a new diet while prepping for a new movie. In her preparations to get into shape for Fukrey 2, Richa Chadda decided to go vegan. The actress only eats organic vegetables, grown on a farm in Nashik. From there, it is transported to her doorstep in Bombay. She even carries her home-cooked meals everywhere she goes.

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Kangana Ranaut

Like Sonam Kapoor, Kangana too is a dietary vegan. She continues using animal products in fashion, cosmetics, but refrains from eating them. Her reason for going vegan? Acidity! When the actress realized that dairy was giving her health issues, she decided to give it up for good. She even refrains from eating meat whenever she can.

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Mallika Sherawat

Mallika is popular for her vegetarian diet and was even on the list of Hottest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2011 by PETA. It was during this time that the actress revealed that she was not just vegetarian but actually a vegan! Mallika is a highly spiritual person, which led her to give up meat and milk. She even practices it to maintain her slim figure.   

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Vidyut Jammwal

The extremely fit body builder is a vegan too! Vidyut gave up his non-vegetarian lifestyle at the tender age of 14. After some time, he even decided to go vegan. According to the actor, veganism kept him mentally active, while helping him stay fit and healthy. He also developed a deeper connection between his mind and body, which he felt was the outcome of a vegan lifestyle.

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Contrary to myths, veganism is neither a healthier lifestyle nor is it an eco-friendly practice. It is simply a matter of choice. These celebs chose to be vegan. Whether or not you should be adopting it is entirely up to you.