We have about a year until we see Thor in action. Since the end of Age of Ultron, Thor's presence has been missed. Marvel released a video telling us that Thor was on a vacation and he could not wait to get back with the team. Thor: Ragnarok is the final installment of the Thor series and that might be the movie where we bid adieu to the Princes of Asgard (unless their contracts are renewed). In absence of Thor, the Avengers will be in a fix because the Mjölnir wielded by Thor carries a lot of power and has helped the team out of multiple tight spots. Worry not, we have compiled a list of other worthy candidates who will be able to pick up the Mjölnir and charge it into the battle.

Mjölnir - BookMyShowIn the comics, Deadpool was once under the illusion that he possessed the Mjölnir and he went about his misadventures donning a cape and God-like appearance. Although it was only a trick by Loki (who else), it would be fun to see him with it in future.

Conan the Barbarian
Mjölnir - BookMyShowThere was a comic book issue where Thor met the warrior Conan and they both became best buds (long hair, muscular bodies, thirst for fighting and many more things in common). Thor died in that series (he was revived later, obviously) and he passed on Mjölnir to Conan who then took care of it. 

Mjölnir - BookMyShowMagneto is able to control all sorts of metals and in an alternate Marvel Universe, he could wield the Mjölnir. If the Avengers and X-Men are in a movie together. We would love to see Magneto attempt to lift the hammer.

Thunder Strike
Mjölnir - BookMyShowComic bookverse is a strange place where nothing is impossible. So the Allfather once merged Thor with Eric Masterson who later became Thunder Strike. Because he was merged with Thor, he was worthy of picking up the hammer.

Black Widow
Mjölnir - BookMyShowAfter the events of Ragnarok, Black Widow was sent to retrieve the hammer and she successfully brings it back to earth. A similar storyline can be used, maybe in one of the post-credit scenes.

Awesome Android
Mjölnir - BookMyShowFans of the Ultimate Spiderman remember Awesome Android and his uncanny ability to absorb everything including someone's personality. Absorbing Thor's personality surely makes him worthy of Mjölnir.

Captain America Mjölnir - BookMyShowSteve Rogers was the only one who could budge the Mjölnir as we have already seen him do in the Age of Ultron. With a little more training, he will lift the Mjölnir and use it appropriately, when needed. 

Tell us about your choices for the heroes who could and should lift the Mjölnir into the final Infinity War and don't forget to share it with your friends.