Bollywood movies are full of quirky characters. Some are funny, some of them are weird, and some are simply crazy. Families, that make the most important aspects of Bollywood, come in varieties too. Some moms make for drama queens whereas dads could write books on idealism. There are tons of movies that have a typical Bollywood family. But time and again there comes a movie with a set of parents so cool that you simply love them. And remembering those, here we have listed seven dads from Bollywood movies who are so cool that you want to get adopted by them every single time you watch the movie.

1. Mithun Chakraborty, Kick (2014)

While every dad in the movies wanted Prem to be the mirror of idealism, Ratan Lal Singh drank like a fish and danced like a peacock with his son in the nightclubs. His son also turned out fine and became an evolved modern version of Robinhood. 

2. Kamal Hassan, Chachi 420 (1993)

After a divorce and trying to steal his daughter's custody, Jai is left with no options to meet his baby girl, Bharti. So he adopts the disguise of a Marathi woman and becomes Bharti's nanny. Who does that these days? Or say, why can't writers think of such good plots now?

3. Amitabh Bachchan, Piku (2015)

Bhaskor Banerjee might not be the best of the lot but he is a unique dad after all. He doesn't follow the societal norms and has no restrictions on his daughter whatsoever. There's just one condition from his side – she has to take care of him and never get married.

4. Anupam Kher, DDLJ (1995)

Which father congratulates his son after failing? Raj's father. Dharamvir Malhotra is indeed one of the coolest dad ever (in Bollywood history, of course). He made millions – in dollars – and he is okay with his son splurging it all. Matlab kaha milte hain aise baap?

5. Rishi Kapoor, Kapoor & Sons (2016)

The senior-most Kapoor of the Kapoor family is the cutest of all and mind you, the family includes Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan. Amarjeet Kapoor who practices dying for fun and loves exploring nude stuff…umm new stuff on his iPapad (which is what he calls his iPad) has won everyone's heart.

6. Akshay Kumar, Heyy Babyy (2007)

The film had three young dads but we have only considered the real one. Arush Mehra who has become a dad literally by mistake takes up the responsibility to take care of the child. even though he has zero experience. However, he learns pretty quickly and gets it all right with the help of his friends, Ali and Eddy.

7. Pankaj Tripathi, Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017)

When people think of a town like Bareilly, they often stereotype the families and the fathers in them as conservative but Narottam Mishra is nothing like that. He is progressive and even offers her daughter a smoke when she is sad. He also knows about the guys in her life and that only makes him happy for her daughter. Cool, isn't it?

102 Not Outthat released this week, adds another uber-cool dad to the Bollywood collection. It is a different story about the lovely relationship a 102-year-old father shares with his 75-year-old son. It is a crazy story, check out our review of the movie here.

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