7 Dance movies you have to watch!

Twirl, whirl, spin or sway. Whatever may be your favourite way to unwind to rhythmic beats, we are sure you have a favourite dance movie. Be it the iconic lift to the beats of "(I’ve had) the time of my life" in Dirty Dancing that sort of leaves us speechless every time, or the beautiful, enchanting and mesmerising ballet by Nina (Natalie Portman) in Black Swan, dance movies always capture the rapt attention of the audience. We love them, sometimes for the dance moves, sometimes for the message of ‘being yourself’ and sometimes for the story-line. It is no wonder then, that they also perform extremely well at the box office. Here’s our list of seven dance movies that you cannot miss. 

Dirty Dancing
The red-hot couple, Patrick Swayze and Jeniffer Grey not only keep you enslaved with their moves but also with their chemistry. A coming-of-age movie, Dirty Dancing has soundtracks that do complete justice to the movie. This movie is an absolute all-time favourite.


Black Swan
It is a thriller that beautifully marries the ‘Lake Swan’ ballet by Tchaikovsky with the idea of being haunted by a doppelganger. The film has a series of captivating performances by Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. The ending ballet by Natalie is full of passion and moves the audience.  

Step Up franchise
A series of five very well made films, the Step Up series, give us a peek into the modern dance moves from 2000s. From glow-in-the-dark routines to flash mobs to dancing free-style on the subway, they have it all. Our favourite is the roof-top dance by Channing Tatum and (his future wife!) Jenna Dewan in Step Up!

Saturday Night Fever
The moment you talk about this movie, you can almost picture John Travolta moving to the beats of ‘Stayin Alive’! His epic disco floor moves became a rage and are famous even today, 30 years later. A must watch if you are a 70s disco fan. 

Strictly Ballroom
This Australian movie explores the struggle of a dancer to establish his style of dancing. It is a bewitching experience to watch Paul Mercurio fuse pasodoble style of dancing with Ballroom dancing.


Billy Eliot
A young kid doing what he wants to do in a world that is ready to crush his dreams. The story of Billy Eliot touches our hearts as he tries to break stereotypes and learn ballet against his father’s wishes. 

This musical gives us a peek into Chicago’s Jazz age complete with scandal, and corruption. You also get to watch Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dancing skills. Who knew she could move like that!